Bell “Let’s Talk” campaign raises over $3.3m


  • chall2k5

    wow….Bell couldn’t even raise $1 per subscriber….thats pretty poor Bell….Globalive is donating almost $3 per subscriber…..another reason to support Wind

    • chall2k5

      and thats not even .1% of their revenue last quarter, if they were serious, it wouldn’t have been a one day event, and would have been on par with Wind’s offering of (roughly) 5% of monthly revenue per customer….using 250,000 subs @$40 each/month

  • WirelessBoy

    Hey Chalk2k5, easy to say $3 per subscriber when you only have 250.000 customers, thats $750,000 compared to $3.3 million that Bell raised….yeah, I see where you are coming, support the company who gives less overall…sign me up! 🙂

    • Hilroy

      Your comment is laughable. Look at the sizes of both companies.

  • Jordan

    Although I hardly think this set Bell back a dime, it’s still $3 million bucks the charity didn’t have before today.

  • wirelessss

    how about the positive that $3.3 million was raised as opposed to nothing?

  • WirelessBoy

    @Hilroy Your comment is still making me laugh, look at Chalk2k5’s remark, he was comparing Bell and Wind and my commnet is the one that is laughable?? hahahhahhaa

    • chall2k5

      if you dont like it here, you can go back to Nadir’s desk and continue massaging his feet while he rapes Canadians for all they are worth

      now on a more serious note, I would liek to see Wind doing this on a regular basis…..say say 1% of yearly revenue to charity at the end of the year

  • bigray

    I would not be surprised if Bell pockets some money!!

  • Terry

    Bell could’ve probably tripled that amount per user charge and probably still made like a 1000% profit of what it costs to actually pay for those user uses.

  • Mike

    If your tel co gave you free ‘everything’ for a year, you people would still find something to complain about. Get a life!!

  • Graham J

    You know all of that $0.05 was profit anyway, along with the other $0.14.

    I guess if they’re going to try to make themselves look better after all their anticompetetive business practices and gouging, this isn’t the worst way to do it I guess.

  • V

    “Canadians spoke loud and clear in their support of mental health on Bell Let’s Talk Day, and that means Bell will donate $3,303,961.80 in addition to the $50 million already committed to the five-year Bell Mental Health Initiative,”

  • steven schwartz

    As a Mental Health advocate myself, I am proud of Bell’s efforts to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Bell is also dedicated to donate money for the next five years to various agencies which work with people “Living” with mental illness. I say this as a Wind subscriber,no can you people on this site find anything to like or enjoy. You feed on anger and whine like children who do not get what they want. Go outside, enjoy your life, maybe help back some cause you believe in.

  • WirelessBoy

    @chalk2k5 Are you 5? Is that the best comeback you have? “if you don’t like it here”, if I didn’t like it here I wouldn’t post..simple logic…you are just like the regular fanboy’s in here, say something bad about Wind look out but it’s ok for you to say something bad about Rogers/Bell/Telus and god help the person who speaks back at a Wind fanboy….last time I checked we still have freedom of speech in this country….if you can’t take the criticism against your Wind Mobile then maybe you shouldn’t post here..

  • Steve A

    I can’t stand thw big three. But I gotta say gimmick or not Mental Health SCORED today. That story about the Ottawa Senator’s coach, his little 14 year old girl commiting suicide. It broke my heart. So who cares about negatives on this one people