Specs leak out of the upcoming Galaxy S 2, Desire HD2, Desire 2, Wildfire 2

The amount of new devices that will be officially announced next week at Mobile World Congress will be impressive. Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC plus many more will be outlining their strategy for the coming year. Leaks have occurred over the past couple months, most notably is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. UK-based Expansys has taken it upon themselves to post complete specs of a few unannounced devices: HTC Desire HD2, Samsung Galaxy S 2, HTC Desire 2, and the HTC Wildfire. In summary, we’ll be seeing an onslaught of 4.3-inch touchscreen device that are packing dual-core 1.2GHz processors, NFC capabilities, 5 and 8 megapixel camera that either shoot 720p or 1080p HD videos. Check out all the expected (an unconfirmed) specs after the break…

Source: PocketNow