Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) now available for the TELUS Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate


  • Douglas

    me likey!

  • John Solo

    Shucks, I thought the Captivate update would have come sooner 🙁

  • KV

    Well done Rogers… last out of the gate again….

    • Impatient

      Hear! Hear! Speaking to both Rogers and Samsung has been a total waste of time. I hate when they say “we have no information on this”. Of course they have information.

    • zorxd

      you forgot Bell… since they pulled the update

  • Preacher

    see motorola, thats how its done

    • Sean

      Yeah. Goddamn Moto… still no Froyo on Milestone!!

    • monsterduc1000

      Yep…What is going on with the 2.2 update for the milestone. Top notch phone, Love mine, especially now that it is rooted and overclocked to 1ghz. First with 2.0, one of the first with 2.1…There is no custom UI to deal with, the droid (same phone but american) has had there’s for MONTHS!!! HELLO MOTO!!!

  • GL

    Should I wait before I upgrade to 2.2? Is there a chance we see another disaster just like people who updated their vibrants with Bell(bricked!)

  • Mattymo

    No you won’t. The bell vibrants (i9000m) have a corrupted internal SD. Its only that variant of the i9000 models that have the problem. All other galaxy s models including the american and european i9000’s are absolutely fine.

  • Impatient

    So does this bode well for the Rogers Captivate i896 anytime soon?

  • 0mega1

    Anyone have the build number of this yet? I’m curious if it’s the same modem/kernel or maybe even full build as what I got two weeks ago…

    • Lewis

      In line with the about:useragent item and only seeing “Android” as an option. I’ve just tried to update my device through Kies and recieve the message “this devices’s version cannot be updated”

      My current version shows as PDA:JL3/Phone:JJ2/CSC:JL3

      Again, updated to the Telus leaked 2.2 version and rooted as per “super one-click root” method. Should I be removing root before attempting to update. Heck, I’m just after being able to set my useragent. Is there a decent app in the Marketplace for this?

  • roccos_van

    Omega someone tried to update from the leaked version and kies said that they were up to date.

  • roccos_van

    Here is a tip for all you new 2.2 users, if you want the stock browser to emulate a pvc and not display the lame mobile versions of web pages, clear your browser bar and type about:useragent hit go and chose desktop.

    • Lewis

      I am running the leaked version from telus. I do not see a desktop option when using about:useragent. Just an option for “android”. Would this indicate the leaked version may indeed be different.

    • Lewis

      I only have an android option none of the others

  • vevetzky

    cant get kies to work ugh 😉 ill sort that out eventually

    • Koni

      so did you get it to work? I’m having problems during the Kies intallation process. The program stops working during the fourth step, at 4% completion point.

  • Mark

    Worked for me!!!

  • Chris

    I’m tempted to wait a week and see if there are any problems before upgrading.

  • roccos_van

    If you want to root the 2.2 update you can use the ‘super one-click root’ method found on XDA. I won’t post a link but i’m sure you guys can find it. Also, no need to wait a week i’ve had 2.2 thanks to Omega for over two weeks with no problems whatsoever.

  • OMG Ponies!

    Annnnnnnnd I’ll be doing this when I get home tonight. If my phone does anything silly, I’ll post it on this page.

    • 0mega1


      I stalk you on giz 🙂 (FadedSpark over thurr)

  • JAWG


  • Koni

    So far the Kies program does not install completely. It start installing and closes after about 5-10% of installation. I’m using win7 64 bit.

  • Koni

    My installation of Kies closes after 4% is installed in the fourth step of the installation. I am running win7 64 bit. Anyone having the same problem?

    • Dustin

      is it Kies_1.5.3.10103_102_1.exe ?

    • Koni

      Yes it was Kies and one version called just kies_win.exe. But today I downloaded from the same location and it installed the program correctly. Now I will try to run the update to 2.2

  • Koni

    Only comments for the first page are showing in my browser. Cannot view all the posted comments. The Kies installer stops working during the fourth step in the installation process.

    • Koni

      The upgrade started to work yesterday for me. Very strange, because I did not change anything on my pc.