Yellow Pages app now being pushed to the TELUS BlackBerry Bold 9780


  • Zeake

    I really don’t like the idea of companies doing things like this. It’s a good app, but what are they gonna install on your next while you sleep?

  • Lana

    I hated this about BBs. If I want it I will seek it out- stop putting things on MY device! Luckily it’s just a shortcut icon and you can choose not to install it/ hide it. But I still much prefer the iPhone way.

  • TrickyD

    I really dislike that Telus does this with the Blackberry OS, they would push it again if you deleted it too. Also I don’t believe there is a way to opt out of it.
    Yellow pages may be a good app, but don’t force people to have it on their device.(This also goes with myspace and all the other junk they put on there) Maybe send a text to inform people that it is available but this is not the right way to go about it.
    Very shady Telus…

  • Travis b.

    It was pushed to my Telus Torch today too.

  • Dexter

    Got it pushed to my 9700. Another icon I can add to my handy “junk” folder for all the stuff I’ll never use like my Telus radio.

  • melvin

    I was able to get rid of it by deleting the application “service book” found in advanced system settings. No reboot required. It hasn’t returned. Telus torch

  • anth

    Ya just delete the yellowpages service book entry and its gone

  • bob

    yeah but even if you delete the service book entry, when you reboot it comes back!