Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant and Captivate getting upgrade to OS 2.2 Froyo “mid-December”


  • JKS

    Nice, this increases my chances of getting this phone

    • Fate

      Save you money, it’s a dog. Never again will I buy a Samsung product. Crap phone, crap support.

  • Jokes

    October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September… pick a month any month… insert into Samsung press release.

  • TomatoGuy

    How about Gingerbread 2.3 update instead? Gingerbread release in a few weeks will make Froyo obsolete. I’m pretty sure that Samsung already got a 2.3 copy from Google as they are producing upcoming Nexus S.

  • AndroidLover

    I don’t think the galaxy s will get Gingerbread. Nexus S will have dual core processor and it will become samsung flagship device in early 2011, and you expect them to worry about an 2010 galaxy s ??? Fat chance !!!

  • lwalty

    We heard all the before. We Galaxy S customers here in the USA have been wanting the Froyo, and been told many many times how its going to happen at the end of the month, then mid next month. I can give you bucket loads of articles how its to happen at the end of August, then at the end of September, then October, November, now mid December. YEAH RIGHT!

  • Mattymo

    Ya, i was hopeing to get the froyo update back in september. I gave up on waiting for samsung and installed a 2.2 custom rom (doc rambones). Runs great. Just waiting for CM 6.1 to be released for the galaxy s.

    • Felbuen

      Can you give me a link where to find it, I would love to install it in mine

  • Tom

    And this is why Id didnt get the hype for the Galaxy line. Once again, despite big promises to change, Samsung provides next to no support for their products. Half the people out there are still experiencing randomly bricked phones, crap GPS, and more.

    Now they promise to upgrade to Froyo a month after GB is released

  • dnew722

    Man this phone is hottt! This phone is going to be off the chain once it gets android 2.2! watch out world, once that software is uploaded, its going to be one of the best phones on the market! yea it has bing as its default search engine, but the phone is still going to be great! Everyone just needs to stop trippin about it and appreciate the beautiful screen that it has!

  • Lance

    Does anyone know what the picture quality is like on You Tube vids? I have heard that the default quality is crap.Is there any way to make it better?I am thinking about getting this phone.Do the pros outweigh the cons on the Samsung galaxy S Vibrant?

    • Randy – 1

      @Lance, Youtube vids default to low quality to save bandwidth. In this mode, they’re not much fun to watch. But you just hit the menu key and choose “watch in high quality” and the video is awesome! If you plan on watching a fair bit of Youtube, or videos in general, you won’t be disappointed.

  • pr0cs

    Disappointing but not unexpected. Surprising that it will take Samsung 2-3 months to roll out 2.2.

    I went for a hacked ROM since I’m impatient.
    (Darky’s ROM).

  • Nico

    Loving my Rogers Captivate. GPS works as good as on my Magic. Love the screen. I get many enquires and compliments. The Captivate may not be perfect, no phone is, but it’s pretty nice.

  • Benjamin

    Anyone who’s got anything good to say about the galaxy s (with 2.1) has obviously never owned an iphone. I regretfully switched from the iphone and I can say that an iphone 2g on 3gs software outperforms the galaxy s on 2.1.

    • Lexcyn

      How is that even possible Benjamin? The iphone 2g and 3g were the slowest POS phones ever. My G/F still has a 3g and she hates it, and I hate it even more. Everything lags. EVERYTHING.

      I’ve had this Galaxy S for a few months and the thing flies – I guess you are stuck in the reality distortion field.

    • slype

      had an iphone 3G for 2 1/2 years and just upgraded to Captivate and it feels good to be able to customize a phone again without having to jailbreak it.

      Customizable backgrounds +
      Pics on the desktop (widgets picture frames) +
      Tasker =
      Dream come true.

      With tasker, you can basically make your phone do anything you want. iPhone makes a great UI and then revolutionalized the industry with the whole “App” store concept but they are a single manufacturer who exert too much control over their users. They cannot keep up with the hardware pace that the multiple other vendors are setting. This is a perfect example of how competiton creates a best of breed. Apple is repeating a mistake they made a long time ago – Windows did the same thing with their OS by allowing multiple hardware manufacturers create different versions of the PC.

      And before I sign of… it’s quite satisfying being able to configure my phone so that my music player automatically loads up with the volume set at 7 when I plug in my headphones and when the headphones comes out, the media volume is to to 0 and the music players closes. I’ve also setup my phone so that GPS only comes on when I use my camera, google maps or google skymap. Sky’s the limit!

  • Rashar

    Does anyone know if the Bell Vibrant is unlocked to the Rogers network, will it still be able to receive the update?

  • Sameer Wahab

    “Samsung has posted a note on their Facebook page that will be good news for Galaxy S users.”

    Good news??!!!! Whacha been drinkin’ buddy?

  • Kash

    Any chance that someone can give me a link to throw 2.2 on my Vibrant? I’m done with waiting, i’m just gonna root this b***h and install a 2.2 ROM.

    So anyone got some pretty thorough instructions on how to do this?


  • Samia

    I’m with SaskTel. I hope we get the upgrade at the same time Bell does.

  • Dean

    Its not the end of the world that we don’t have 2.2 right away. As I said n a previous post it does take time to ensure these updates work correctly and without fail so to speak. While I do believe that both the carriers and manufacturers should be on the ball about insuring we the people get the updates in a timely fashion I shouldn’t be having to buy a new phone every year just because the phone I bought which at the time may have been the best isn’t able to cope with the new update. That part I think is a shame IE HTC Dream users. Sorry your SOL because that phone isn’t fast enough.

  • Fenton

    Where can I get a Froyo ROM for the rogers version of the Captivate? Xda only has the ATT version.

  • aftab kolkata

    hame to apno ne luta gero me kaha dam tha gaha kisti ti dubi waha pani kam tha