Samsung says the Nexus Two is “simply not true”


  • sookster54

    That’s what you get for taking Gizmodo’s sloppy report seriously.

    • gbo

      Would you expect them to confirm this rumor prior to a large, expensive launch/announcement to the media? Talk about anti-climax. “Ladies and Gentlemen, now the moment you’ve all known was coming, here it is the product you pretty much know everything about! And now we will rehash all the features that you already know exist.”

      Sorry It’s Monday. I hate Monday’s. I don’t mean to be snarky. And I’m not saying it’s still a for sure thing either. Either way, I’m very much ho-hum over this. Now if they announce it and the specs give us something substantially better then the galaxy s, then sure. Bring it on.

  • Preacher

    i take comfort i knowing that one day, regardless of who make it, there will be more Nexus phones. the only way to have a current Android build is to have googles phone. all the other carries have let users down big time when it comes to keeping users up to date.

  • hahaokayman


    If you’re a Samsung exec the last thing you want to do cast doubt on an upcoming product, if he says a Nexus Two is not true then it’s “simply” not. When a company announces a new product or business venture, that company’s stock either surges or drops.

    Why would Mr.Samsung exec make an announcement denying the existence of a product and cancel out hype. Thus cancelling out any interest in Stocks. You cant run a business on rumours and speculation.

    • Mark

      Depends on whether you are worried about stock price now or stock price later. The reason they deny this is the same reason they don’t release details of every spec of every future device still on the drawing board: They don’t want sales of current devices to crawl to a stop as people wait for the next hot product to be released.

      Some basics of maximizing stock price: 1) a sale now is better than a *maybe* sale in 6 months; 2) Old obsolete inventory needs to be sold at lower prices which will hurt margins; 3) If people know that something newer and better is on the way they will thus creating a #2 situation instead of #1.

      The fact that Samsung denies this tells us nothing. Which leaves us still knowing nothing. Fun rumour though.

  • zorxd

    A Nexus Two would have been announced by Google.
    At best, Samsung will announce a new high end phone with android 2.3 and which will be available in January. But it could also be a new, lower end, Android 2.2 device.

  • Dev

    Yes Confirmed Nexus Two Will Be Made By SAMSUNG.
    Now Dont Ask Me How I Know … But Trust Me I Know. It Will Be Releasing At Begining Of Q2 Of 2011. And Will Be Carrying 3.o Plus. Because Nexus One Will Get Support Till 3.0. Have Fun Guys. And Yea Keep Supporting AnDroid … CIAO