AdMob Founder and CEO departs Google

Earlier this week David Lawee, Google VP of corporate development said that buying Android was the “best deal ever”. In the same article in Venture Beat Lawee stated that “It’s obvious when the deal doesn’t work out, because the people leave. That’s the key metric: Is the technology being used? A lot of it depends on the perseverance of the team coming in.”

Almost a year ago Google purchased mobile ad platform AdMob for $750 million and it looks like AdMob founder and CEO Omar Hamoui has suddenly departed the company for “personal reasons”. In a statement Google said that “Omar has decided to leave AdMob and Google for personal reasons. He built a fantastic business in a short period of time, and we wish him all the best. Mobile advertising – across search and display – is now a billion dollar business for Google, with AdMob a key part of that. Google is fortunate to have a great team of leaders who are driving the next phase of rapid growth and innovation across all our mobile ads products.”

Who knows what the real “personal reasons” are and perhaps it’s just a cover up as part of the deal… but mobile advertising is expected to be a $24 billion dollar business by 2014 and Hamoui will most likely end up somewhere in the space.

Source: TechCruch