Samsung targets to sell 10 million Galaxy S devices by the end of 2010

Samsung is the 2nd largest mobile manufacturer in the world (first is Nokia) and their Q3 2010 results came up with an increase of 19% to 71.4 million phones shipped. In a press release they stated that their “flagship smartphones, Galaxy S and Wave were the primary drivers of continued sales growth amid a global demand recovery.” To date they have sold an estimated 7 million Galaxy S devices and it’s available in 90 countries by 210 carriers worldwide. Samsung is also projecting continued sales of the Android device to hit the 10 million mark by the end of 2010.

In Canada Rogers sells the Galaxy S Captivate, Bell and SaskTel have the Vibrant and TELUS recently announced they will be launching the Fascinate soon. No word on how many devices have been sold in Canada but it’s one of the more popular devices that have been released. In addition, the Galaxy S will be upgraded to OS 2.2 Froyo at different times for each carrier: Bell is apparently sometime in November, Rogers says “early 2011” and TELUS has committed to a “winter” time frame for the Fascinate.

Check out the full Samsung Q3 results here (PDF)
Via: Engadget