Samsung targets to sell 10 million Galaxy S devices by the end of 2010


  • Robert

    If Samsung is selling that many I hope that they will start supporting them. GPS fix was promised but has not been delivered… and we are still waiting for Froyo.

    Maybe they should start supporting the products they have already launched instead of releasing a new product every 2 weeks!

    • kman

      Totally agree… You can make the first sale without providing support, but not the second.

  • Atif Khan

    I am a very disappointed owner of a Samsung Galaxy S vibrant. As far as the tech and specs are concerned, the Galaxy S phone stands out from the rest of the crowd. However, when it comes to practical use of the device, the Galaxy S phone is pretty much useless. The main issue (that both Samsung Tech support and Bell Tech support have confirmed) is the phone shutting down without any reason. There is no predicting it. Just do a simple Google search for it and you will find tons of threads with a large crowd of people complaining about the same thing. Furthermore, there is no promised fix in scope. I have been hearing that the next firmware upgrade will fix this problem line for the last three months now without any results.

  • Adam P

    Yeah Samsung needs to get their act together and start supporting their current phones. They also need to commit to specific time frames. Instead of saying end of September, then end of October, now end of November… If you can’t deliver, hire some more people to get it done! Right now, I’m not sure I’d buy another Samsung. Why should I have to void my warranty modding the heck out of my phone so that it works the way it should have at the beginning?

  • Ken

    Phone shutting down happens in bad reception areas. Tested the phone with Bell and Rogers in same area where Bell had bad reception and Rogers had good reception. The Bell “shutdown” whereas Rogers didn’t. Also, I think the shutdown happens more often when your battery is low.

    Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to start the phone back up.

    I believe there is an app on the market that will prevent the phone from shutting down/deep sleep.

    The apps sates something about the phone trying to save power because bad reception will drain your battery.

    Oh, and trust me, Froyo will come to the Galaxy and I believe November will be the last delay.

  • DOMO

    sasktel better be getting froyo soon. If they dont ima have to hack my phone and i dont wanna do that. HTFU SASKTEL

  • Brandon

    Since Bell released the upgrade to 2.2 in mid-December, I haven’t had a single issue with my phone. It runs very smoothly and they improved a lot of features (including flash for the browser, better keyboard layout, etc.). Before it was released, I had a lot of issues with the phone and was seriously considering taking it back.

    Word on the street is Gingerbread will be out soon. I’m curious to see the improvements.