Google VP says buying Android was the “best deal ever”

There’s absolutely no doubt that Google’s Android OS has now proven itself to be a major powerhouse in the mobile arena. Research firm Gartner says they will become the become #2 worldwide mobile OS in 2010 and is on track to be worldwide leader by 2014. As for where they shape up in the app wars, they recently announced they have crossed the 100,000 app milestone.

Google purchased Android Inc. back in 2005 for an estimated at $50 million. In an interview in VentureBeat David Lawee, Google VP of Corporate Development said that buying Android Inc. was the “best deal ever… I saw this guy [Andy Rubin] in my building for two years, walking his dog, and I was like, I hope this guy does something”.

$50 million is peanuts for them buying what will become a greater part of their future. Recently Google’s SVP of product management Jonathan Rosenberg said “The people who are accessing our products and services through their mobile phones are adding $1 billion to our revenue streams. Clearly, this is the future of search on the Internet.”

Source: VentureBeat
Via: IntoMobile