Bell officially announces the HTC Desire Z is “available nationally in coming weeks”


  • Jad

    i am buying this phone no contract! hopefully it will be released on November 3!!

    byebye Rogers

  • TomatoGuy

    I’m really sick of those “available in coming weeks” promises. It’s like saying that Windows 8 will be released in coming years. Give us exact release date, that’s all we need.

  • Ryan

    I’ll be first in line to buy it outright, and use it with Koodo :p

  • pr0cs

    Very cool. Wish there was more information on what “coming weeks” means though.

  • Ian

    Here’s hoping “the coming weeks” was just a backhanded dig at Rogers.

  • Andy

    Ohh damn I want this, its now between the Vibrant and the Desire Z :_)

  • DJM

    Meanwhile… Rogers still struggles with the Captivate.

  • Allan

    Awesome news! can’t wait for the pre-ordering to begin.

  • Paul

    Hey Andy,
    I’m like you… holding out to see which is superior. From everything I’ve read over the past months it now seems the Desire Z is the way to go. If nothing else HTC appears to have better customer care and Samsung doesn’t much care about anyone. To be completely honest, the Desire HD is my favourite right now – but who knows if we’ll ever see that in beautiful Canada. I’m really tired of these puny little screens and would MUCH prefer the 4.3 inch!

  • nik

    I have the SGS Vibrant… its an awesome phone but if you’re trying to decide which one you want to get… do yourself a favour and go for the HTC Desire Z. Samsung’s customer service sucks, their computer software to integrate the phone with your comp, and to get ANY official firmware upgrades is super crappy (google Samsung Kies… you’ll see what i mean) and they don’t seem at all concerned about any issues with their flagship device.

    While i still love my SGS, the HTC Desire Z would be my handset of choice if i were to buy one today.

  • Brett

    Can this phone be used on the telus network?

    • AK

      Bell and Telus share the same HSPA network, so yes it can be used on Telus’ network once it’s unlocked.

    • KC

      Although unlocking may be difficult on this phone due to the hardware rootkit lock.

      I heard they are making progress over at xda though.

  • AK

    No way; could this be Canada’s first ACTUAL HSPA+ device?!

  • Mark

    Re: ‘available in coming weeks’ releases. I think people are way off base on this. I WANT to know as soon as possible who is getting what. I understand the Rogers botched a couple of recent releases (although if claims of hardware/production problems are true then it is the manufacturers fault) but otherwise I think people are just being impatient.

    I have 4 months left on a rogers contract, I’m looking to jump ship, and I want to know before the ink is even dry what is coming. Exact dates are much harder to lock down than yo realize. The the carrier and manufacturer have to work out production timelines, branding, custom software and network preferences, distribution, marketing, training, etc. This stuff takes time to do. The alternative is that the carriers will stop releasing info until they reach the shelves, that’s not for me. More information empowers consumers.

  • Dread

    Good Telus, hello BELL

  • sookster54

    This’ll sell like hotcakes like the Telus Desire did, but I hope Bell doesn’t have that horrible backorder crap Telus had for months.

  • Wild Spin

    Are they going to sell it unlocked for full price?

  • Mark

    This is very tempting… I was going to jump to Telus for the Desire, but the Desire Z at Bell might just win me over. I’m still waiting to if the HTC Glacier lands in Canada and with who. But I still think the first non-Rogers carrier to land a dual core HTC or Samsung phone will be my new home.

  • AK

    To be honest, something like a hinge prob doesn’t surprise me with HTC.

    As for Rogers, they use the same HSPA network as Belus (Bell & Telus), so once it’s unlocked, it should work on Rogers’ network as well.

  • Sined

    Hopefully the manufacturing process will be refined by then?

  • Chris

    Why can’t rogers get nice phone? Nooo of course, they prefer crappy SE X10 or stupid Acer Liquid E.

  • Mathieu

    This phone looks very nice … I would prefer the T-Mobile US G2 with stock Android 2.2 but CyanogenMod will give me that anyway,
    If I can find 500$ for a new phone, I may buy it.

  • Patrick

    Waiting for Telus to announce the desire HD

  • Steve C

    It would be nice to know if the “Z” has the same memory issues as the “G2” The specs above have no mention of internal storage or the root protection.

  • Vince

    Just hoping that I won’t have problems getting this unlocked for the Fido network.