TELUS announces their “Unlimited Quebec” plan

Honestly now… it must be a great feeling for residents of Quebec to not only have a wide variety of wireless carriers, but also a full range of new “Unlimited Quebec” plans to choose from. All the carriers: Rogers, Bell, Solo, Chatr, Public Mobile and Videotron have created an Unlimited Quebec offer. Even Fido recently dropped their monthly “City Fido” plan…. and now TELUS joins the others with their own “Unlimited Quebec” monthly plan.

For $60 a month you’ll get Unlimited local and long distance calls within Quebec, Nationwide Family Calling, Voice Mail, Call Waiting and Conference Calling. It’s an additional $5 a month for unlimited text, picture and video messaging.

No bundling is available so let’s compare it to the others straight offers:
Rogers: $62.98 per month
Bell: $60 per month
Videotron: $59.95
Public Mobile: Either $40 or $24 per month
Solo Mobile: Either $35 or $45 per month
Chatr Wireless: Either $35 or $45 a month
Fido: Not unlimited but City Fido is either $30 or $50 per month

Check out the TELUS Unlimited Quebec plan here
(Thanks Anto!)