Confirmed: Bell to release the HTC Desire Z, $499.99 no-contract


  • TomatoGuy

    $499.99 is a good price considering that T-Mobile USA sells G2 for $499.99 USD. I wonder if Rogers manages to finally release Captivate before Bell offers HTC Desire Z.

    • Stupid

      Not all network phones are compatible. You’ve got to look into this before buying a phone on Ebay or where ever.

      Currently these networks are compatible:
      Rogers, Bell, Telus, AT&T

      T-mobile, Verizon and Sprint will not work on Rogers and the others above.

      T-mobile will work on Wind. (You could actually get the Desire Z from T-mobile for Wind right now if you wanted.)

      I know there are others that are compatible but that’s all I remember right now.

  • davidm

    Do like. But is tethering available?

    And why is Rogers so pathetic on this front?

    • Stupid

      Tethering has been made pretty easy with rogers as of a few months ago. They don’t bill differently for it anymore. This happened quickly after Bell did this.

      As to Rogers being pathetic on this front. I take it you’re referring to new Android handsets rather than tethering.

      Yes, it is truly pathetic the downfall of Rogers and their handset options.
      On top only just about a year ago and now one of the worst.

      Their network is still the best for mobile but Telus/Bell has caught up so much in the last year or so the difference is getting pretty slim.

      Currently I’m planning to buy this outright and use it on Rogers.

    • davidm

      Stupid ;), yes I was referring to their handset selection, I can’t really complain about their network.

      With that in mind I’d most likely buy this handset, if the tethering ability hasn’t been compromised.

    • carlos dudas


      I too am considering buying this outright and use it on Rogers. How would I go about confirming that it’s first, unlockable, and secondly that I would be able to get full DATA speeds? The reason for my concern is my brother got an unlocked device (HTC Touch PRO2) to use with rogers but since to was a T-mobile device he was limited to Edge speeds. He sold it quick,(at a lost) to someone who was planning on using it on the Telus Network.

    • M1LK

      I’m gonna let you mull on that for awhile.

      But i’ll give you a hint.

      It’s Robbers ==”

      and they !@#$-ed they’re relationshit with HTC

      HTC was the hot gorgeous intelligent Babe, Robbers dumped HTC, then HTC was like fine I can do better, and found Telus & their fling Bell

    • zorxd

      @carlos dudas
      Bell and Rogers use the same frequency. This is not true for T-Mobile. That’s why your device was limited to EDGE speed.

      850 and 1900 MHz : Bell Rogers Telus AT&T
      1700 MHz : Videotron Wind T-Mobile

  • zorxd

    I wouldn’t see why tethering wouldn’t be available. Works fine on other HTC devices (Hero) and other Bell devices (Galaxy S)

  • Jay

    That’s a horrible price! I can get the original Desire for $380 from Telus, and Bell’s selling a lower model for $499… Such a rip off.

    • Oranges

      The Desire Z is better than the original Desire in just about every way. Learn a thing or two about processors and clock speeds.

    • M1LK

      wow you’re a d*****s

      Desire z – full qwerty keybo, faster processor (trust me) 800 mhz outworks the 1ghz.

      boot up time is 10 seconds versus the 45-50 seconds on the Desire

      you have on board memory, and it’s flash

      you also have upgraded ram

      that justifies the upgraded, no contract price.

      And you’re claiming the HTC Desire is available with no contract for 380, post the link please.

      even on the website right now, it’s 400$ for a 1 year contract. going by their history it’s going to be 449$ for no contract

  • Jim R

    The no contract price for the Telus Desire (if they were still being sold no contract) is $450. Is the $380 you’re talking about a Telus Team Webstore price? If so, it’s not a fair comparison as that price is not available to the general public.

    • Jay

      True as that may be, it’s still cheaper to get the original Desire off-contract, while the low-powered keyboard-equipped Z is more expensive.

  • Allan

    Siick, can’t wait!!!! thanks

  • Dread

    Well, unless Telus gets the Droid 2 really fast – I will switching to Bell!

  • KC


  • MikeP

    It’s official, Rogers is incompetent when it comes to android. The only question now is whether to jump to bell or just buy the phone. My days of waiting for the Captivate are done.

  • DJM

    … and Rogers continues to struggle just to release the Captivate.


  • Charles in Vancouver

    Telus will make it as hard as possible for you to buy the Desire off-contract if you even try to do so nowadays. The Z has a lower clock speed but is reported to outshine the Desire’s processor anyway. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

    • Phone guy

      Just buy it as prepaid… and you’ll get the 30 day price

  • pr0cs

    I still can’t believe people are comparing clock speed. Do your homework people, the Desire Z will outperform most of the current gen phones (available in Canada) *and* use less power (for longer battery life). The Desire Z will likely be the best phone in Canada when it’s released.

  • Justin Credible

    Stupid, tethering has ALWAYS been included on Fido/Rogers ever since data plans first came out years ago. They didn’t just make it simple recently, they simply didn’t change anything and you can still tether.

    • Stupid

      Sorry, that just isn’t true. I could link you to all sorts of stuff that disproves that.

      The truth is that you “could” do it But..

  • Justin Credible

    Procs I agree but ONLY if tethering is enabled right out of the box like even basic phones have. Otherwise it is useless for many of us.

  • DrAkO

    Best phone except for hinge and memory problems !!

  • Mo Sh

    Why isn’t Virgin getting this phone? 🙁

  • BwoyGenius

    @carlos dudas

    The phone should work 100% on Rogers because they use the same 3G bands 850/1900 and it should be a gsm quad band phone for 2G I believe. Unlocking simplicity is another matter that im not sure of.

  • BwoyGenius

    Where did my comment go?

  • nmi

    how long does it take for the unlock codes to come out?

  • Tim G

    How bout the Desire HD. That’s a phone I’ll get next.

    • M1LK

      @Tim G

      Don’t mean to call you out bro, please don’t take it the wrong way.

      But the phone was never mentioned for release outside Europe and Asia.

      Only the Desire Z was mentioned during the HTC conference earlier in Sept/Oct forgot when…

      The Desire HD is a beautiful and it was my first choice, but because the Desire Z is available in Canada, I’m getting that one. Personally I don’t like the physical qwerty keyboard… but… whatever, nothing I can do about it..

      I have a shitty samsung phone with bell right now, all I have to say is bell sucks… don’t every by any phones they make. In my personal experience, they have very poor support with their phones.

      The fact they can make the Galaxy S phones with brilliant hardware is nothing short of their abilities, but a few months down the road when you need support, don’t bother looking at Samsung. You’ll have to rely on the forums for support.

      But in terms of quality, HTC is the way to go… sorry for rambling on for so long ><

  • andy

    yay desire z 🙂

  • Moe Arkanhine

    WIND are a bunch of i****s for letting this go to Bell, considering that it was originally with T-mobile, which has the exact same frequencies.
    Or hell Videotron or Moblicity shouldve gotten this, but since Moblicity got the Nexus One, WIND should’ve gotten this.
    Smooth One.

    • M1LK

      Hmm, I’m not sure if you can really blame WIND on this one. I think HTC would have had a choice as to who to have market their phone as the carriers flagship (or one of them)

      HTC went with one of the big three because they’d be guaranteed a) exposure and b) demand for the phone

      Wind is still a developing company that doesn’t have the customer demand that would meet HTC’s quota

      This is speculation on my part, but I think it holds it’s water.

      The other thing is the support for the phone. Telus seems to have pretty good support for their android phones, Bell is so so too.

      Rogers support for Android phones is just plain absent… that’s most likely the reason why HTC didn’t go with them while Sony with 1.6 Android OS’s in the Xperias were sent to them…

      Again, just speculation. Hopefully it helps give you another take at what happened and why Wind didn’t get a piece of the action…


      & Happy Thanksgiving XD

  • Dave Dee

    Why are so many Rogers subscribers forced to purchase unlocked phones from competing network providers? Just read these comments! Is this the way Rogers wants to be perceived by its customers? It is mind boggling. It is especially terrible for those locked in on contracts who are eligible for upgrades with Rogers. Anyone know the expected discount of upgrading and then selling a no contract, Rogers locked, unopened iphone4 or 3g?

  • cloakster

    I don’t understand why people still compare clock speeds of 2 different CPU’s…it just doesn’t work like that. There’s A LOT more to a CPU than clock speeds. The 800Mhz cpu in the new desire Z will outperform the old 1Ghz cpu from the original desire. If you don’t believe me, then prove that a 3.2Ghz Pentium D can outperform a 2.6Ghz Core i5. You can’t because the i5 is way faster.

  • rzz

    don’t be fooled by the 800mhz clock, this phone is fast. The 1ghz chip in the original Desire is a 65nm first generation snapdragon from 2 years ago. The MSM7230 in the Desire 7 is a 45nm, second generation chip that was only just released. Remember, an i7 at 1.6ghz will smoke a p4 with double the clock. Clock speed is not a relevant way to compared chips of different generations.

  • Vince

    I’ve been itching to get this one, but I’m on the Fido network. As it is, the release date was pushed back a few times in Europe (ie: was supposed to come out this week).

    So, will it still be compatible with Fido, if it’s compatible with Rogers? And can anyone recommend a good phone unlocking service?

  • jpbaril

    I’m new to using smartphones and Android (altought I read every news about it) and I plan of buying this phone and use it on Videotron (same frequency band as WIND and T-Mobile, so it should work).
    If I understand I will first need to unlock the phone (how?), and then, will I need to root it and use a custom ROM (where? and how? I often read about CyanogenMod, is it the only possibility?) ? And how will updates work if I don’t use it on the original carrier ? (using it on Videotron instead of Bell). I suppose that’s here that using a custom ROM will be useful since I suppose I won’t get any official updates. Right ? Or am I wrong ?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Allan

      Hey jpbaril, welcome to android.

      If your going to use it on videotron or wind mobile, the t-mobile G2 (US version htc desire z) has the same 3G bands yes, would be a perfect match.

      All the questions/information you need to find on the HTC Vision model (be it Desire Z or G2) can be found on Just look for the G2 section.

  • MarcSee

    This is fantastic news, but three growing trends that really worry me are:

    1 – Yes Bell offer this no-contract, but they still require an ACTIVATION (setup charge, 1 month of service) unless you already have a Bell line or are lucky enough to find a shop that will sell it to you outright… think of it as a “fee” for wanting to take it to another carrier.

    2 – Telus recently removed the no-contract version of their HTC Desire due to “shortages” (uh-huh) its probably just a matter of time before telcos decide not to allow no-contract purchases for a certain time after the launch of a new high-profile device in order to “maximize” on their exclusivity via new contracts.

    3 – The T-Mobile HTC G2 just recently released south of the border has a wickedly (lame) lock on the bootloader, making custom rom’ing somewhat of an unknown thing right now… HTC hasn’t traditionally been this hostile to modders (that dubious award would go to Motorola) but its a potentially worrying trend :-/

    Still happy to see that Bell and Telus (esp. Bell) are taking high-end android seriously (Rogers can take their low-end android devices and stuff’em) !

  • Vince

    Okay, stupid newb question, but from what I read, Bell is on the CDMA network, but this is a GSM phone. Does this mean that the guts will be modified to work on the CDMA network, which will make unlocking this phone that much more difficult?

  • M1LK


    You must not have been informed, but Bell uses Telus’s HSPA+ network which functions as a GSM network.

    The HTC desire Z will have the GSM radio of 850/1900 mHz.

    Unlocking the phone will be no different from any other GSM phone.

    Hope that helps

    • Vince

      It does help, actually, thank you. Would hate to blow half a paycheck on a phone that I can’t unlock, and there are many unlocking service providers that will not unlock Bell phones. But, if HSPA is GSM compatible, then I that should suit me just fine.

    • Vince

      It does, actually, thank you. Would hate to blow half a paycheck on a phone that I can’t unlock, and there are many unlocking service providers that will not unlock Bell phones, but if HSPA is GSM compatible, then I should be fine.

  • Moe Arkanhine

    LOL CDMA, that was back in the end of 2009. About a year ago. As for M1lk, I understand HTC’s perspective but sadly, I can counter that with the Nexus one, which is essentially an unbranded HTC phone. Since every developer Google phone is an HTC, it’s basically HTC manufacturing them. If Moblicity(a company 5x smaller if you want to go by City wise) managed to get a higher end phone, that WIND didn’t even try to get, that’s sad. Sure it’s 549.99, but this Desire Z sells for 499 from Bell outright. Their “high” end XT720 is only 50 dollars cheaper, and its obvious the Desire Z is miles ahead, especially the hardware. The XT720 is actually a mid end device by the way, with a high end price.

  • Stephanie Billy

    Who is getting the Htc Desire HD then

  • Angry Fido Customer

    I was sold on this phone since it was announced and seeing the highly competitive no-contract price of $500 makes me drool over this everyday! I just can’t wait to get this phone, hope that they actually make thier mid-Nov date!

    Also Rogers/Fido suck on the whole handset market just because they were the first ones to get the iphone 3G in Canada. I just want to get this man… can’t wait to get rid of my highly-incompetent-Apple-unsupported iPhone 3G with OS 4.1.

  • Raphael

    So when they mean no contract.. that means that it is unlocked for any carrier or still locked? Thanks 🙂

  • gino

    In reply to the comment made by stupid, I have had several phones from t-mobile that were unlocked and work perfectly fine with the Rogers network….. I dont really get where you got your info from