“Refreshed” iPhones make their way to TELUS


  • Andrew

    No thanks.

  • Randy

    What is TELUS thinking??

    It’s a USED phone, only available if you lock in for 3 years, only 3 month warranty and all for just an extra 50 bucks saving over brand new with full warranty?

    Like Andrew, thanks, but no thanks.

    TELUS used to be the best of the worst, it’s quickly beoming (if it hasn’t already) bottom of the heap.

  • T-mobileman

    What the f**k do they mean by lightly used? its either used or brand new.

  • Mathieu

    Used phones for 50$ less than brand new phones and only on new 3-years contracts:
    => 3 years x 12 months x 50$ + new iPhone 3GS @ 199$ = 1999$
    => 3 years x 12 months x 50$ + used iPhone 3GS @ 149$ = 1949$
    (50$ is the cheaper option and without taxes. Average is more 75$/month)

    People buying used iPhones need to use a calculator.

  • Hyder

    Not worth it! They should give full 12 months warranty if they want people to buy this phone!

  • cary

    what is sad is people that can buy from the employee store as friends and family get better deals on new iphones

  • mark

    they should give it away for free, seeing how much money they make in 3 years

  • sure sure

    the funny thing is that these companies think that they’re subsidy is so special. They make they pay for the phone about 50 times over. A used ipone is 50 bucks cheaper and on a contract. Taake ur phone telus and you can ….recycle it!

  • A. Nonymous

    This is obviously an April fools joke.

  • theninjasquad

    Im still trying to figure out why they won’t let you buy it on a 1 or 2 year contract.