Bell’s “Face2Face” Contest offers up free Xenon and video calling for a year

Bell launched their video calling capabilities and a free Facebook app with their new network back in November and the service costs $5 per month (or depending what plan you have it could be already included). Video calling is currently only available now on 3 bell devices: LG Xenon, Samsung Omnia II and the Nokia N97.

Bell has announced a Facebook contest called “Face2Face” that promotes their Video Calling service that gives you a chance to win an LG Xenon and free Video Calling for a year. They state on the contest page that “Each Sunday in April, at 2:22 PM ET, we’ll randomly select a group of 10 contest entrants who’ll have 22 minutes to claim the prize through the contest page on Facebook. The first one to claim it wins an LG Xenon phone and free Video Calling from Bell for a year. If the prize isn’t claimed in time, the clock will reset and another 10 names will be drawn.”

Pretty simple… and you can enter here at Facebook