Motorola Canada: “rollout is taking longer than expected” for Milestone OS 2.1 update


  • Makes Me Wonder

    Why is Canada always the last to get anything despite the fact that we’re right next to the US? Screw Motorola and the Milestone, this is the last I will buy anything EVER from these guys.

    Locked bootloader, slow updates and deceptive business practices (“smartphone without limits”…my a*s) pretty much leave me out of the next iteration that will be the Nexus2 or Droid2. Sorry Motorola but I really wish you a fiery grave.

    Speaking of, I have a Milestone for sale, its got Android but runs like an iPhone and never gets timely updates…email me!

  • Matthew

    how much?

  • Brendan Mcmillen

    Wow sounds exactly like the same statement Motorola and verizon gave. God i can’t wait for a phone to come along that is as sexy as the Milestone so i can get it. Hopefully the rumors are right and the Motorola Shadow is the Nexus2 and i will buy it. Atleast it will have an unlocked bootloader and google will update it

  • Preacher

    so their working on it, so should be soon, but wont say when.

    alot like what was said about brining paid apps to canada,

    i wonder how much of this is on Moto and how much is on the carriers (Telus).

    it feels like many of the carriers in canada take pride in assuming that their market is uneducated about global wireless trends, or are to apathetic to care.

    dont expect canada to me a leader in mobile any time soon. at least not with our carriers.

  • @ai4281

    They promised that the update will be pushed out in Q2, so it’s not like they’re late or anything. If it’s any consolation, South American countries don’t have the update yet either.

    I just hope we’ll get our 2.1 during April. I want live wallpapers and music playback fix!!

  • Andy S


  • benjamin

    @Makes Me Wonder – The phone has been out in canada for like 2 months now and you are complaining about timely updates? wtf do you expect?

    the milestone is awesome. sorry, but it is.

    sell it to matthew for 100 dollars if you hate it so much, hard to sell it if you trash talk it to the death. i***t.

  • Erik Berkun-Drevnig

    Actually the US hasn’t gotten the 2.1 update for the Droid either, only the non-Canadian milestones.

  • Makes Me Wonder

    @ benjamin You know I was gonna respond to you with an educated answer until you proved me otherwise. Really if you had half a brain you would realize my disappointment isn’t misplaced. I’m guessing you’re the same benjamin that posted on Motorolas facebook page calling users “whiners” right? FYI the milestone is for sale but just out of curiosity, are you that stupid you would buy a device for $700 and turn around to sell it for $100? Buddy you seriously need to wake up and read to educate yourself before posting again.

  • Shayne

    This is one of the biggest reasons I bought a Nexus One. I can do whatever I want with it, I don’t have to wait for a carrier to do anything!

  • CellNerd

    ^yes nexus one is awesome

  • Matthew

    Still waiting on a price

  • Makes Me Wonder

    @Matthew I didnt realize you were asking me for a price, I thought you were asking how much longer you’d have to wait to get the update lol. $550. Cheers

  • Matthew

    I can get a new one for that thanks anyway

  • benjamin

    @Makes Me Wonder… Ok, you want an educated answer. Alright. Android is an open platform which is designed to allow for the maximum amount of customization by both the user and the creator of the platform. This definition requires that an individual who purchases a phone should be able to customize that phone, specifically, customize that operating system. In order to do this the bootloader of the phone must be unlocked so that an individual can root the phone and then apply custom roms which have various tweaks and fixes over top of the existing rom employed by the manufacturer of that hardware. In the case of the Canadian Milestone, the bootloader is locked. Your argument is that in the spirit of openness, and the intended purpose of Android, that the bootloader should be unlocked so that the individual can load whichever customized rom that they wish to have. This is a valid argument as the Milestone no doubt should have an unlocked bootloader.

    HOWEVER. Your arguments and whining on the motorola webpage CONSTANTLY STATE THIS ARGUMENT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. How many posts have you made on their website? Over 100? Do any of them state anything other than what I just said? NO! Lets see what the definition of “whiner” is…

    1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
    2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion.
    3. To produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch.

    Sounds like you doesn’t it?

    I understand that you hate that the bootloader is locked. I understand that you want to be able to customize your phone. I understand all of this because I am very well educated on the matter, prior to your idiotic beliefs that you know more than everyone. I bought this phone because I was looking forward to being able to customize it as I please. When I found out I could not, I was disappointed yes. But I was not so blind to see that this phone is a great phone. It works the way it is supposed to (mp3s skip, etc. will be fixed shortly in 2.1) and that is all I REALLY care about (it working). I don’t go complaining for hours on end about a problem which has already been expressed to Motorola by thousands like yourself.

    I am educated on the matter. Please don’t go around the internet thinking that you are smarter than everyone else because that is obviously not the case. I didn’t back up my arguments before because I didn’t think you were going to start crying by calling you a whiner (calling it like it is). I guess I should used more foresight in order to avoid your response. That’s my fault.

    So overall, why can’t you just enjoy your phone and not look at EVERY SINGLE NEGATIVE YOU CAN FIND? Go get another device! Get a N1! Have fun, it’s twice as powerful and will get updated constantly, custom roms = thumbs up! Get a hero (I had one but had to return it because it broke – I hated the thing). The hero is so much worse than the Milestone.

    OH! And I said that you should sell it for 100 dollars as your whining has so devalued your phone to the point where why would anyone pay anything else? You said that you wish you didn’t buy it… -100 dollars value. You said there are major glitches with the software -200 dollars value. You said that you can’t load custom roms -250 dollars value. Etc. Until you reach the price that someone would be willing to pay for such a shitty phone (IN YOUR MIND). THUS! 100 dollars. Notice how Matthew wouldn’t take it for 550? Its like selling a used car for the new price and saying “oh it’s only a POS, but it’s still worth the new price”. Yeah, good sales pitch.

    Anyways, I am looking forward to the whiny post that will come from this, should be good for a laugh.

  • Paul

    BAAAAAMM!!! That’s the sound of justice by Ben’s educated answer.

    Benjamin is right in many ways. Droid is like 100 times better than Hero which sucked (I sold it). And it works! Who cares if it has less 3D capacity than iPhone, who cares if you can’t root it? It works well and does what it’s supposed to do.

    With bootloader unlocked, you can spend $50 for Class 6 SD card and 5 hours intellectually masturbating and proving that you can connect your phone and follow the instruction to have a gratification that lasts 5 minutes.

    By the by, it’s really not worth getting nexus one unless you have a TON of money to waste. At the rate which HTC poop out new phones, it will be obsolete by the time you receive in Canada with taxes, customs, and delivery fees on top of phone and shipping.


  • kumiriko


    I know this is old now but i am still eagerly awaiting news of the update to come…..