Future Shop selling HTC Dream & Magic for $49.99!


  • Ascariss

    I'd go without a phone before signing up to a 3 year contract with rogers.

  • Sam

    Best Buy's sale ends on September 30, so if this price drop leads to the arrival of new Android phones, we got a long waiting period. The new Android phone could be the HTC Hero! It's due in America early October, and I read on a website that it could be coming to Rogers. Hopefully this all works out because the HTC Hero is an amazing phone. 😀

  • Ahbi

    Futureshop originally had a 3 year contract pricing the phone at 399 while Best buy already changed it to 49.99. If you priced matched it during the delay you could have got an Android for 15 bucks! lol. Sadly I've already got an Iphone 3gs

  • Mark

    Rogers Plus Corporate Stores have the phone on sale for 29.99

  • Norma

    Super phone but, I'm afraid with the 3 year Rogers sentence, slow expensive data and an unexplicable system access fee, not even free handsets will distract Canadians from the real competition soon to grace us. Signing a contract now is not advised. Hopefully this and many more great Android sets will be in the hands of Canadians on par with the rest of the developed world.

  • kmusky

    A lack of 3.5mm headphone jack and a gimped app store are deal breakers for me. Sorry Rogers.

  • Mathieu Méa

    Since when the HTC Dream cost 399$ with a 3 year contract?

    It always was 149$ at Rogers, no?