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Video: Rogers LG Secret Review (Part 1)

Rogers recently released the sleek looking LG Secret, this is currently available on a promo for $149.99 on a 3-year contract.

In part 1 of our review we took a quick peek into the hardware aspect and was impressed with its design and overall style. The Secret only weighs 166 grams and is incredibly thin (11.8 mm) and can take a few hits also. The screen is 2.4 inches (240 x 320 pixels) and made of tempered glass. We tested it with our keys, change and knocked it around a few times simply to see if it could withstand getting scratched… and it did! What is also nice about the device is the 3D carbon fiber design on the back that makes it look more elegant.

This is a slider and a touchscreen, you have standard keys so it will be easy to use the actual phone and send text messages.

Over the next few days we’ll the battery life, call reception, picture and video quality (this has a 5mp camera), internet, games, music etc. Check out Part 1 here:


Rogers sets Samsung Propel and Gravity loose

Rogers Samsung PropelAs we let you know last week, Rogers has released a couple sweet looking Samsung devices at a reasonable prices.

First up is the Samsung a766 Propel. This slider has a full QWERTY keypad and comes loaded with a 1.3-megapixel camera with video capabilities, MP3 player, 2.2″ inch screen (220×176 pixels), GPS, dimensions of 98 x 59 x 15 mm with a weight of 107 grams. Includes standard features such as Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, To-Do list, World Clock, Notes, Memo, Currency Converter.

This is available in Blue or Red on the following contracts:
3-year: $49.99
2-year: $99.99
1-year: $199.99
Outright: $249.99

Sasmung GravityNext up is the Samsung T456 Gravity. Another slider that has a full QWERTY keyboard. The screen is 2.1-inches (176 x 220 pixels) with overall dimensions are 115 x 53 x 18 mm and weights in at 122 grams. Some features: 1.3 megapixel camera that can take video, music player, Bluetooth, internal storage of 60MB with microSD that can expand up to 4 GB, standard add-ons such as the calendar, calculator, currency converter, notepad, to-do list.

This is available in Grey or White on the following plans:
3-year: $29.99
2-year: $79.99
1-year: $149.99
Outright: $199.99

More here at Rogers


Bell officially releases Palm Treo Pro at $99.95

Bell Palm Treo ProBell has finally officially released the Palm Treo Pro and it can be yours on the following price plans (with a minimum monthly Voice and Data plan of $45): 3-year: $99.95 (until March 31st);  2-year: $399.95; 1-year: $499.95 and 30-Day/Prepaid: $549.95.

The Treo Pro is a severe step up from the recently launched Centro and comes loaded with Windows Mobile 6.1, 2.5 inch (320 x 320) touchscreen display, 2-megapixel camera (8x digital zoom and video capture), no Wifi, built-in GPS, support for microSDHC card up to 16GB, 3.5mm headphone jack with an overall weight of 4.69 oz (133 grams). The colour available is “Obsidian”, otherwise known as shiny black.

More here at Bell and at Palm Canada
(PS: Bring on the Pre!)


Bell releases BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip at $29.95

image_860Bell has officially released the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230. If you love flip phones and wanted a smartphone this is a gem for you. As we let you know last week, price plans with a minimum voice and data plan are:
Outright: $499.95
1-year: $449.95
2-year: $349.95
3-year: $29.95

The 3-year promo is available until March 12th, 2009 and must include a minimum Voice and Data plan of $45 per month. Features include:
- Flip design protects the screen and prevents unintentional dialing.
- 2.0 mega-pixel camera with flash, zoom and video recorder
- Surf the internet at 3G speeds and view the pages in full HTML format.
- Facebook, Windows Live, Google Talk, and more.
- SureType technology.

More here at Bell


Solo Mobile launches the Samsung m320

solo-m320Solo has stepped back in the game and released the Samsung M320. The price point is decent as it can be yours on a 3 and 3-year contract for $0.00. 1-year contract for $70 and 30-day for $120. In addition, you can buy this prepaid for $89.00.

Solo wants you to “Shine on with the Samsung m320. More than just a mobile phone. It’s a speakerphone. It’s a Bluetooth® Wireless Technology phone. It’s a messaging phone. It’s a camera phone. Better yet, the Samsung m320 can be your phone.”

Overall specs of this flip phone: 0.3 VGA camera, 1.9” inch screen, Bluetooth, text messaging, calendar, overall dimensions are 91 x 48 x 18 mm, weight 95 grams.

Virgin recently released this also on the following price plans: 2-year plan: $29.99; 1-year plan: $49.99 and Prepaid: $79.99

More here at Solo


More Best Buy Spillage: TELUS unreleased Pearl Flip pricing

bb-telus-8320-spillageI’m sure we will be hearing about the official availability of TELUS BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip soon… until then we’ve seen pictures and now Best Buy has returned with a full price list.

According to their latest ad you’ll be able to get the Flip with a minimum $45 Voice and Data plan for:
3-year contract for $99.99
3-year contract (Voice only): $199.99
2-year contract for $249.99
Month-to-Month (outright) for $449.99


Best Buy to sell all silver E71, Neon and Propel

bbimagesWe already knew that Rogers is set to release the Samsung Propel and the LG Neon and it seems Best Buy will have these available.

To the best of my knowledge I have only seen the E71 in grey… until now! Another Best Buy advertisement shows that Rogers will expand the E71 colours and make it available in a spectacular all silver. In addition, from what we hear Rogers will be getting the all-black and red/chrome E71 as well.