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Bell discontinues BlackBerry Storm 9530… is the Storm 2 on the way?

Bell launched the BlackBerry Storm 9530 way back in December of 2008 and it’s been slowly reducing in price ever since. At one point this reached a promotional price of $0.00 on a 3-year contract – good deal for RIM’s first attempt at a touchscreen device.

Thanks to “Juliatheangel” in our Forum for pointing out that the Bell Storm is discontinued. Also if you take a peek over at the Bell website you’ll notice that Bell Storm is only hidden away in a sub page that asks you to contact a store, so it’s not for sale online but you really want one you could probably find some trickling around a Bell Store… so if Bell was to being on the Storm2 9550 would you get it? (more…)


WIND Employees: Do you play Texas Hold ‘Em on the Microsoft Surface?

One of the attractions at WIND is that the stores are all based on a “digital environment”. You’ll notice when you walk into a location that some have the Mircosoft Surface front and centre. This is used to be an interactive tool where customers can learn and compare phones and plans.

But what happens when no customers are around or the store closes for the night… perhaps they play Texas Hold ‘Em on the Surface. Probably not but it’s worth putting the idea out there. The video below is a project created by students from the University Duisburg-Essen, they call it “Poker Surface” and it combines playing with both your mobile phone and a the surface. (more…)


TELUS helps WWF-Canada with Earth Hour text-to-donate campaign

TELUS is joining the cause on Saturday and will turn off all non-essential lights at 8:30 p.m. of 32 of their major buildings. This is all in an effort for Earth Hour which helps out against global warming. TELUS customers can now donate via texting the word “earth” to 45678 with a $5 donation.

Andrew Wilczynski, TELUS director of Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility said “I’m very proud of TELUS’ commitment to environmental sustainability and our team members’ enthusiastic support of Earth Hour. For our sake and for future generations, we all have a responsibility to continue to explore new ways of protecting our environment.”


WIND Mobile officially opens doors in Ottawa

For all those who’ve been waiting to purchase a WIND Mobile device in the Ottawa area you can finally rejoice! After a soft launch, today they went live and officially opened the doors. Ottawa now joins Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton… Vancouver is up next and probably about a month to month and half away from now. With Ottawa launching this now extends current WIND subscribers with their Home Zone calling area. No new phones are available yet… so you can purchase the BlackBerry Bold9700, HTC Maple, Samsung Gravity 2 or the Huawei U7519. Plus they have a data stick avaialble, the Huawei E181.

Check out the coverage area here at WIND


Paid Android apps arrive on TELUS devices

TELUS has a few Android devices in their lineup, such as the HTC Hero, Motorola Milestone and the Backflip on the way.

Good news for all those who wanted to buy some apps from the Android Market as apps have been pushing through sporadically over the last few days. If you decide to purchase app you’ll notice that the currency will show up from the developer’s home country. (more…)


The Hockey News mobile app goes VIP

The Hockey News released their free mobile app in 2008 and has seen over 515,000 downloads, today they launched a VIP mobile program that offers access to customizable text messaging hockey alerts and mobile video (iPhone only).

The updated app is also free but you can access the VIP area for a monthly charge of $1.99 for iPhone users and $2 for BlackBerry users. In addition, The Hockey News also launched a VIP Text Alert program that offers the same alerts for all other devices. If you subscribe to this (costs $2 a month by texting THN to 22233) and you’ll receive game reminders, score changes and breaking hockey news.

Tom Emrich, Product Manager: Mobile & eReader Platforms, Transcontinental Media said “We have seen tremendous success with THN mobile and are excited to continue to evolve this application. The launch of the VIP program not only takes the THN application to the next level but it also utilizes a brand new platform for THN – mobile messaging which has a much wider reach amongst the general handset population”.

Via: Polar Mobile


Virgin throws Pearl Flip & 8130 to $0.00 on 2-year contract…

Couple pieces of Virgin Mobile news today. First they have reduced the contract period of the BlackBerry Pear 8130 and Pearl Flip to a low 2-year contract for $0.00. Good deal and love the slashed contract timing and hope this is a sign of things to come.

Also, Virgin has sent out an e-mail to their “members” who have a CDMA device that they must mandatory upgrade to the new billing system. Virgin states that their members “deserve the best of everything” and that “this big time system and billing upgrade will make being a Member even better”. For these customers you’ll be getting (if not already received) an e-mail with a date that Virgin will be upgrading your phone, all you need to do is re-program your phone to work on the new network. It’s a mandatory upgrade and Virgin stated “if we don’t get you upgraded then eventually you wouldn’t be able to use your phone anymore, and that would not be cool”.

Virgin sent us a note that stated “While we are moving our members over to a new billing system, (more…)


Rogers sends out e-mail that we can almost pre-order Xperia X10

Rogers announced that they will be the exclusive Canadian carrier to launch the Android-powered Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10. The date that they stated was sometime in the second quarter, we hear it’ll be within a few weeks now. In our Forum, member Bikram states that the launch date is set for April 14th.

We had the opportunity to get a hold of the X10 for a quick demo, this will come with OS 1.6 but Sony Ericsson confirmed that it will be upgradable. There are also rumours of the price point coming in at $199.99 on a 3-year contract when it becomes available.

More news today as Rogers sent an e-mail to those who registered for updates and said “The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is almost here – exclusively from Rogers… PLUS! Stay tuned for additional info on an exclusive Xperia X10 pre-order”. So not only is the X10 “coming soon”, but it’s “almost here” and we can almost pre-order it.

In the meantime you can check out the almost pre-order site here at Rogers.

(Thanks Kenneth!)


Bell roaming rates changing May 1st to flat rate of $1.45/min

A few weeks ago we heard that Rogers was going to increase the 911 Emergency Access Fee to $0.75 per month starting April 1st. And it seems they’re not the only ones that feel the need to increase rates. With all the great promos going on over at Bell, I’m sure their customers will be happy to know that increases are on the way when it comes to roaming rates.

If you’re traveling or make/receive calls to the United States the you should mark May 1st, 2010 on your calendar. Bell states that “Please be advised that Bell Canada’s Unregulated Terms of Service will be changing effective May 1, 2010″… and those unregulated increases are the following:

- All incoming and outgoing calls from the United States will be charged at a rate of $1.45 per minute (Currently $0.99 per minute, depending what plan you’re on)
- Sent text messages while roaming will be charged at $0.75 per message (Currently $0.60 per message, depending what plan you’re on)

UPDATE: Bell sent us an e-mail stating the following:
“The change to voice roaming rates in the U.S. is in an effort to simplify how we bill our customers on pay-per-use rate going forward. Today, we charge $0.99/min + a long distance rate that varies by the type of call you’re making (e.g. back to Canada, local call, international etc.). As of May 1, no matter the type of call they’re making, we’re moving to a flat-rate fee of $1.45/min. This is very much a price change and simplification of the charges. For instance, many of our customers call back to Canada when they travel – today this costs $0.99/min + $0.75/min for a total of $1.74/min. As of May 1st, this will cost them $1.45/min. Bell offers clients who travel to the United States many excellent roaming packages that offer discounted rates, and some plans offer rates for occasional travelers as low as 37 cents per minute, and for frequent travelers, as low as 18 cents per minute.”

More here at Bell


Google Mobile App now available for BlackBerry Storm & Storm2

Google has updated their mobile app and tailored it specifically for the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2. Google said on their mobile blog that this version is specifically for BlackBerry touchscreen devices and “you can search using your voice instead of typing your query… also includes a few other conveniences to make searching easy, such as Google Suggest and search history. Google Mobile App also links to other Google services, such as Google Maps and Gmail”.

To download this app visit on your BlackBerry.