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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 upgrade to OS 2.1: “Available the week of November 8th”

The roll out of the Android 2.1 upgrade for the Rogers Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and X10 mini started on Sunday, mainly in Europe and then filtering down to other countries. Sony Ericsson Canada said that we would get our upgrade sometime in November. Well the month is upon us and one of our tipsters have confirmed that the Android upgrade to OS 2.1 for both the X10 and the X10 Mini will be “Available the week of November 8th 2010″.

In addition, according to the e-mail we received it stated the upgrade will do the following ‬
‪- HD camera (X10 only), 720p both on record and playback‬
‪- Battery improvement (20-25% more)‬
‪- Speed and navigation on the phone‬
‪- Better web browsing‬

(Thanks tipster!)


Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800 3-year price increased to $229.99

The Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800 3-year contract price has been increased for some reason. Usually it goes the other way but hopefully we’ll see a price drop for the busy Q4 holiday rush. The price is now set at $229.99 on a 3-year; 2-year is $499.99; 1-year is $559.99 and the no-contract device sale only is $609.99. Anyone going to bite?

Check it out here at Rogers
(Thanks tipster!)


Virgin to intro the “Android Super Social” plan for $40/month

Virgin is getting ready to take on Q4 – we’ve seen their holiday device lineup and now the plans are starting to come out of the woodwork. First up is the “Android Super Social” plan for $40 per month. You can see this on their site now but this will be officially available on November 5th and can be used for the HTC Legend and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 5.

Here’s what you get: 100MB data, Unlimited Text and Picture Messaging, Unlimited Evenings and weekends and 150 minutes of talk time. For $40 it’s a good deal but you’ll most likely blow through the data in no time.


Skyfire 2.0 for the iPhone app gets approved… available Thursday for $2.99

On Thursday you will be able to watch Flash videos on your iPhone. Apple has approved the Skyfire 2.0 for the iPhone app and it will be officially available on Thursday at 9:00am… but it’ll cost you $2.99. We’ve seen a quick video demo of the mobile browser in action last week and it converts video from Adobe Flash to HTML5.

CEO of Skyfire Jeff Glueck showed up on CNNMoney yesterday to demo the app and stated they have a cult following: “the app was given a rather rigorous review from Apple, but it was approved in less than two months. Apple did not return a request for comment on why it approved Skyfire for its App Store”. Check out the video after the break and make sure to check out the app on Thursday. (more…)


iSuppli says Samsung Galaxy Tab costs $215 to manufacture

The Samsung Tab will be released soon in Canadian via Bell and Rogers. We’re currently reviewing the newest tablet device and it’s impressive so far. The Tab is light at 380 grams and comes with Android OS 2.2, a 7-inch display (1024 x 600 resolution), 3 megapixel camera with a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for video calling. Although there’s no price points yet for what Bell and Rogers will release the Tab for… it should be released within the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, research company iSuppli has taken the time to rip apart the Tab. In their latest report they state that Samsung has materials totaling $205.22 (USD) and $9.35 worth of manufacturing costs to end up at $214.57. iSuppli says that Samsung made the Tab “as a large-scale smart phone, rather than as a true competitor to Apple Inc.’s iPad”.

In the United States the Tab costs $599 outright – We can probably expect the similar pricing but it’ll most likely be available on a contract model as well. What would you pay for the Tab? (more…)


Fido Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro now available, $275 no contract

Fido has released the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro. When it comes to the devices in their lineup this has the best camera at 5.1 megapixels and can shoot HD quality videos. In addition, this slider has a full QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, GPS, media player and can hold a 32GB microSD card. The prices as expected are $75 on a 2-year and $275 no-contract. Our full review is coming up soon

More here at Fido


Good Cause: Koodo Mini Muchachos have arrived to help Food Banks Canada

This was mentioned last week but it’s a good cause to be part of. If you’re planning on buying a Koodo Mobile device you’ll also be helping Food Banks Canada. The two companies have teamed up to fight against hunger and created the Koodo Mini Muchachos (they are 4″ tall). There are 4 collectibles in total and with each purchase of a device you’ll get one included. Also, if you want to purchase a specific Muchacho it’s $8 and the proceeds go to Food Banks Canada.

Check it out here at Koodo


MTS Motorola Milestone A854 pricing revealed

MTS announced that they’ll be releasing the Android 2.1 Motorola Milestone A854 earlier today. No date was given or even price points. But sometimes you just have to ask. That’s what one of our tipster Darryl did. The upcoming price points for the Milestone is as follows: 3-year contract is a whopping $179.99; 2-year is $279.99 and the 1-year is $504.99. Still no word on when this will be officially released… but now that the pricing is revealed you can decide if this is something you want.

(Thanks Darryl!)


Video: Watching Netflix on a Windows Phone 7 device

Netflix announced today that us Canadians will be able to stream movies on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices. The app is free to download but you’ll have to give your credit card details to sign up for the 30-day trial… which is a $7.99 monthly charge afterward. The good thing is that the you can stream as many movies as you want and that the video quality was wicked on the Focus (mainly due to the 4-inch Super AMOLED display). The bad thing is that it’ll blow your monthly data plan out of the water and the selection of movies isn’t the greatest. We’ve got a video of the app in action on the upcoming Rogers Samsung Focus. On another note, the app is also available for the iPhone and iPad. Android and BlackBerry users are still waiting. Check out the video after the break (more…)


Transcontinental acquires Vortex Mobile

Transcontinental Inc. is on a mobile spending spree. They recently snatched up Lipso Mobile and now they’ve grabbed hold of Toronto-based Vortex Mobile. You might know Vortex for their mobile solutions work  (they build marketing/advertising programs, apps etc) with Yahoo!, Rogers, Pepsi. According to the press release the “Transaction information and price were not released” but it would have to be in the millions. Vortex was started in 2004 and they currently have 37 employees who will join over 900 employees at Transcontinental.

Christian Trudeau, President of the Marketing Communications Sector said “Every day we work with our customers on analyzing, executing and deploying marketing strategies that are built on personalization and new communication platforms. The acquisition of Vortex Mobile fits in perfectly with this approach. It will enhance our centre of excellence in mobile marketing solutions and confirm our leading position in the interactive marketing solutions offering”. Brady Murphy, co-founder and CEO of Vortex Mobile will stay on and will become the VP, Sales, Mobile Solutions.

Source: Vortex