Fresh Finds is Spotify’s latest tool for helping users find new music

Igor Bonifacic

March 2, 2016 8:00pm

Following up on the success of Discover Weekly, Spotify is launching a new set of weekly playlists aimed at helping users find the latest deep cuts.

Dubbed Fresh Finds, the series consists of six new playlists devoted to the platform’s most popular musical genres. Among others, there’s the Emoji Fire playlist — which, if you haven’t guessed already, is devoted to the latest hip-hop tunes — as well as the more appropriately named Six Strings, a playlist that sets its eyes on the latest guitar-driven indie rock.

Unlike Discover Weekly, which relies on a completely algorithmic approach to sourcing new songs for a user to listen to, the new Fresh Finds playlists add a human touch to the proceedings. Spotify says it has its tastemakers combing countless music blogs and news websites, trying to find the best new tracks to share. That said, there’s also a algorithmic component to the playlists; the company is augmenting the work of its music experts with data collected from users’ listening habits.

To access one of the playlists, simply navigate to Spotify’s browse section and check out the playlist that interests you. All six playlists are set to be updated each Wednesday.

  • HiKsFiles


    Giving « Fresh finds : 6 strings » a try as I type this… thanks for the tip. 🙂

  • blzd

    Discover weekly has been great. Features like this really set streaming services apart from the ways we listened to music in the past. Even some of my extremely entrenched-in-their-ways friends (“no way I’ll get rid of my mp3 albums”) are starting to come aboard.