Public Mobile to start selling Koodo Mobile devices

Ian Hardy

March 15, 2014 11:10am

Public Mobile, the one-time new entrant, was recently acquired by TELUS and they have a respectable 220,000 subscribers located throughout Quebec and Ontario. Little is known about what the future hold, but previous reports indicated that customers will eventually transition off CDMA to TELUS’ HSPA+ or LTE network.

TELUS intends to permanently keep Public Mobile alive as it serves a specific demographic. In addition, we’ve been tipped that select Public Mobile stores will soon be making space on their shelves and start selling TELUS’ sub-brand Koodo Mobile. Apparently this will be available to dealer stores and and select corporate locations — TELUS has actually asked Public Mobile to offload most of their corporate stores to dealers — and its expected to be in place by April 1st.

Public has well over 250 points of distribution and there is no indication yet of the device lineup that will be available.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • D Kupp

    Sad to see how the new three turned out to be…. PM is sold, Mobi is on the edge and Wind has been completely written off the books by its investors.

    • Rich

      I like to think that PM and Mobi came into the market with the purpose of being bought out. Wind tried to compete and now their owners are contemplating offloading the company.

    • disqus_FqJrvM2zAR

      Mobi came out to be bought
      Wind/Public came out with a pretty bold statement
      Public was probably the most successful out of the three in terms of differentiating themselves from the other two and the big boys. Focused on the lower classes and first time cell phone users. Low cost network, low cost phone, low cost stores. Their target was a hit for the working class today’s term is “ford nation”. The sell off to Telus was a must for the company because Telus/Bell planning on shutting their CDMA network which means no more Roaming for Public. Also with Telus acquiring the G-Band in the west, that completely shuts off any chances for Public. Some might argue with the must successful of the three that i stated but here are the numbers:
      Public 280000 (at sell) with 2 zones
      Wind 600000 with 10 zones
      Mobilicity 250000 (peak) with 5 zones

      Which means subscriber per zone goes to Public. As people trashes this brand, well think about it, We trash this brand is just like we trash their subscriber. This is why Public success came about. These working class found their respect from a carrier that cared about them specifically. While Mobi and Wind is lost trying to take down the big boys without a proper plan.

  • Guest

    Sad to see PM is gone…. Mobi is on the blink of going and Wind has been written off

    • superfly

      Sad to see pm gone. Mobi wind next.

    • superfly

      Pm sad. Wind mobi next

  • RoboBonobo

    This is a great deal if they sell the same plans. 1GB HSPA+ and LTE with all features included on a national network for $30 and no data overages. Nice deal.
    If it’s compatible with iPhone? Even better.

    • hardy83

      Telus will NOT adopt PM pricing plans.

      Dinosaurs will storm out of the earth hiding for their moment to take the planet back before that ever happens.

    • RoboBonobo

      Where are you getting this from? Making it up as you go along?
      Telus already owns them and hasn’t announced any pricing changes.
      I wouldn’t believe they’re going to start charging $85 for 1GB overnight, new network or not.

    • cdnanon

      Prices are going up $5 to start across the board except for the $19 plan which will be phased out next year at the latest. A 500MB addon for $10 is coming soon as well as a 2GB plan for $60 so overages are on the way. Also no LTE for now.

    • RoboBonobo

      Two things don’t add up:
      You’re saying they’ll charge the same for both 500MB and 1GB;
      They’ve already made a statement that they throttle you when you go over your data allowance, instead of charging overages.

      Thanks, but I’ll wait for something official to come down the line.

    • cdnanon

      I don’t understand how you came to that conclusion. The 500MB for $10 is an addon that you can add to any plan and the 1GB is the data cap included in plans below $60. What you choose to believe is entirely up to you.

    • RoboBonobo

      Go look at their plans and think real hard about how much it costs to add 1GB of data to the $25 plan, and consider how you’re saying they’ll charge the same amount for 500MB.

    • cdnanon

      The $25 plan is not a data plan that you add 1GB to. The process is to choose an Android plan if data is required. Nice try though.

    • RoboBonobo

      Lol, First it was “can add to any plan”. Now it’s only data plans. Anyways, you’re completely missing the point. What’s the difference in price for 1GB? You’re still saying they’d charge the same for 500MB. Troll harder, buddy. It’s obvious you’re just making it up as you go along.

  • Dave

    OK, where is all the guys that thought that PM customers are about to get LTE? LOL

    • realitycheck

      telus prices without LTE….

    • RoboBonobo

      If $35 for 1GB with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, call display, and voicemail, is a “telus price”, I’d gladly pay “telus prices”.

    • RoboBonobo

      I don’t see where in the article it says that they won’t…
      If people expect public mobile customers to get LTE, it’s probably because of the official statement that said they eventually will.

  • Joe

    Moto G?

    • cdnanon

      And the Galaxy Ace 2.

  • hoo dat

    Will the Koodo phones be available with Public plans and/or will they also be available with “No Credit Check. No Contract. No Surprises”?

    • hoo dat

      I never suggested the phone’s would be available for free, I was simply wondering whether Koodo phones would be available on Public plans or Koodo only. If only on Koodo then will Public honour the no contract policy. I don’t see where I said anyone would walk out with a free phone.

  • Makkahn Mack

    Actually Not Really, Telus seems Bent on Wanting to Keep PM Permanantly, W some Mods here, there, if they increase Expanded Coverage beyond current diameters, and include US as well, meaning if U go to States for Shopping, Vacation, ETC, then WE as Consumers will Win. Telus will Take Great Care of us in long term

  • Makkahn Mack

    Telus should consolidate their Brands, Ditch Telus, PC mobile or Just have 2 Brands, Telus or Koodo, and PM, One with Contracts and High-End Phones, and PM from Entree to High-End phones that aren’t samsung, but like ZTE, Kycerra, ETC, with still adequate functions, Flash, Front + Back Cams, 5-10 Megapixels, 4.3 to the bigger sized screens, still able to do everyday stuff like YT, ETC. W/O the Major Headache Pricetag attached

  • Makkahn Mack

    If Telus Was Smart, They should do this, and make PM a Super duper Discount Brand, with all the bells and whistles, Unlimited Siren Music, US long distance, Can wide call + Txt, 2-5 Gigs, LTE or HSPA+, US Call + Txt when in States, Voicemail for $60, and They’d have me Hooked in 4 life, as We will win as consumers, and though name-brand phones would be nice, but pricetag isn’t great, can settle for ZTE, Kyocera, ETC as long as it is reliable, able to compete with name brands in functional, Like Flash Cams that are 8-10 MPS front and back, screen size min 4.3 size to larger phones, add Blackberry, NO APPLE, for reasonable price, I’d say We as consumers can be satisfied at least