Rogers planning deeper relationship with banks, will eventually launch branded Credit Card and loyalty rewards points program

Ian Hardy

April 23, 2013 9:22pm

Earlier today I attended Rogers 2013 Annual General Meeting and Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO of Rogers, proudly communicated highlights from the past year – record revenues, market share, and subscriber numbers. It’s known that Mohamed will be retiring from Rogers effective January 2014, but that hasn’t stopped him from declaring Rogers intentions for the coming years.

From a wireless perspective – straight from his speech – Rogers will be looking to “improve their customer service to build loyalty, drive internet connectivity and content investments to grow the top line and deliver the fastest and most reliable Internet experience.” Smartphones, data, and content will be a huge play for Rogers. Yesterday it was reported that 71% of their postpaid subscriber base now has a smartphone, with an ARPU of $59.68. People are simply consuming more data on a daily basis – probably Gangnam Style or Gentleman on YouTube.

There was one interesting nugget on how Rogers will possibly differentiate themselves from the other carriers. Back in 2011 Rogers filed an application to establish “Rogers Bank.” At the time Rogers noted that “this application is only related to the possibility of launching a niche credit card business at some point in the future.” Looks like the future is almost upon us.

Rogers and CIBC recently teamed up to launch the NFC-based suretap mobile payment service and it seems their relationship with banks is only going to get deeper. Mohamed said “Today the average Canadian carries 22 cards in their wallet… collectively we’re carrying 675 million pieces of plastic. Your wireless device already acts as your phone, your camera, your computer… in the next five years it will act as your mobile wallet. For you this means safely storing all your information in one place… from credit cards to transit passes. For Rogers it means a new business that leverages the trusted security of the SIM… we’ve already partnered with CIBC and look forward to working with all of the other banks. We’ve also applied for a bank license so we can offer a credit card to strengthen customer loyalty and retention… and of course the Rogers credit card would be one of many cards in the mobile wallet.”

Rogers notes that these changes will come within “the next five years,” but probably sooner. In the audio clip I recorded below Mohamed said they’ll be doing more to retain customers, specifically coming out with a new loyalty program. “Loyalty is one element in the customer experience and customer service in the broader sense. Because what you have is people saying ‘Now that we’ve been a customer with Rogers, with one of the products or several of the products, for sometime, how do you let me know that you value my tenure?’ When you connect the dots… it really ties into a loyalty rewards points program which will actually further reinforce this idea of ‘we value our customers, we reward our customers for staying with us and if you grow with us you’ll be even better served.”

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No more specifics on the timing of the future loyalty program, but perhaps it’ll be something like sub-brand Fido’s rewards program. From the sounds of it this loyalty program will give the customer a certain amount of points based on how long you’ve been a customer, plus how many services you have… all connected somehow into a bigger mobile commerce play.

  • silver_arrow

    Frankly i’m really looking forward to being able to use mobile wallets though hopefully other banks follow suit and work on mobile apps. Also the other carriers better take note if they don’t want Rogers to be the only carrier offering this ability.

    But frankly from mobile wallets to seriously take off and people to care about it Apple needs an iWallet or something and this is coming from someone who almost exclusively only uses Android devices and would love Google Wallet.

  • YSTO

    they already have deep relationships with their customers.. they reach deep into the customers’ pockets..

  • jackjiarocks

    Keep making errors on my home internet bill is sure not a way to improve your relationship with me.

  • Sweet

    Rogers has also applied for a real estate brokerage license. I’ll bet they’ll only offer 3-year mortgages. 🙂

  • Alt

    Trusting Rogers with your money… You have to be insane!

  • kroms

    I’m more then HAPPY as S#%t that I got rid and off of ALL Rogers services. I feel liberated.

  • S2556

    I am staying far away from this.

  • Netguru

    First they rip you off with their plans; then they’ll rip you off with their credit card. And their rewards points will be good for a jar of Vaseline to soothe the pain.

  • avow

    Like Rogers needs anything to do with credit cards… They are already worse than the bank.

  • blocknards

    Quite simply, they need to be stopped.

  • Guest

    They rip off customers, banks rip off customers. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

  • Seph431

    They rip off customers. Banks rip off customers. It’s a match made in heaven. We’re turning into a country where a handful of companies own pretty much everything. Media, sports, gyms etc.

  • TheChosenOne

    this is a step in the wrong direction for rogers.. cards…seriously? Im predicting the downfall of rogers.

  • Jaka Baka