Nokia announces the physical QWERTY Asha 210, comes with a dedicated WhatsApp button


  • Rikard Jerner

    ugliest s**t since like… last millenium?

  • Plazmic Flame

    This was pretty big lackluster device if you ask me. Glad I didn’t stay up for the announcement. You think will all their prowess and Microsofts unlimited money, they would make a WP8 QWERTY device… What a waste of time. This device isn’t taking away any BlackBerry users, trust me.

  • Ra’id Ahmed Ismail

    Not the prettiest looking device, but it could be useful if one can get it working on a wifi system for a SIM-less, two way communication device.

  • hoo dat

    Definitely not going to win any conquests over BlackBerry, but for what it is it doesn’t look too bad.

  • jaffna_guy

    No way, this device will compete with Q10

    • Plazmic Flame

      The Q10 would eat this thing for breakfast.

    • whatever

      not meant to go against a $700 when its prices below $100
      its meant for emerging markets where people make like $2 or $3 a day.
      The blackberry should eat this for breakfast based on specs.
      If it doesn’t then BB is in deep deep…..

  • Sree Krishna

    They will make profits even if they sell at 50 dollars. Competitive pricing doesn’t mean you sell at the cheapest possible price, it means you sell at a price lesser than that of competitor’s!

  • LFB

    If it come to Canada expect Petro-Can an SpeakOut to have it. As for taking away BB user maybe not Canada or US but it is in contry where cheap phone are the only thing you can afford.

    • BlackBerryBlink

      The problem with that is the reason ppl buy BB’s in emerging markets is also because of the messaging apps to save cost. Sure the phone might cost less but how many popular messaging apps do you think have been developed for the Asha OS.

    • LFB

      There is whatsapp. But your are right for the contry where it is not available.

    • BlackBerryBlink

      Sorry about that.. I skipped over that and just realized it. lol and I always tell people to read articles before commenting. I gotta take my own advice lol

    • taxidriver9

      They used to buy BBs. Nowadays, a lot of countries in the emerging markets charge less for regular 3g and more BIS plans, which results in people preferring whatsapp on any phone that supports it. Even though the new BBs don’t require BIS, they are too expensive to make an impact in those markets. Therefore, I think these devices will be more popular that last gen BBs in those markets.

    • hoo dat

      Have you read any of Iain Marlow’s articles in the Globe about telcom in Africa? He lived there 6 months to compile the report, often in some of the poorest areas imaginable that are not in a famine. To cut a long story short, no matter where you are on the continent, BlackBerry is the phone to have. It’s an aspirational product that is selling phenomenally well over there. You can get a 9320 for about the equivalent of $75, about the same as this Nokia, a 9790 for about $125. Bear in mind the legacy phones are still available there and will be for quite some time as BlackBerry views Africa, and all other emerging markets, as vitally important to their growth.

      As an aside, Marlow has headed back to Africa for another 6 months, it’ll be interesting what he comes back with this time.

    • iPlunks

      who can afford a blackberry plan? who many ppl have BB’s? its not about the asha OS, its Whatsapp that is cross platform iOS, Android, BB, Nokia and Windows phone

  • Sweet

    Looks like a replacement for the E-series of phones.

    • JT

      The last E-series phones had 5mp camera. The “business” version with touchscreen came in a 8mp.

  • JT

    Disappointing! Seriously, this is 2013 and you have the balls to release a phone with a 2mp camera?

    • canada is a monopoly

      where can i buy this from ?

  • EvanKrosney

    No FFC? Drat, other than that it’s perfect! 😉

  • mad

    would be a good beater phone to have along mountain biking, camping, climbing.. where it possible something damaging will happen.. better one of these than a 450-700$ phone. and if it explodes into little pieces.. who cares..

    • canada is a monopoly

      i agree these kind of phones i would love to use for my work cause some of my phones have water damage because of sweat and dirt. this phone seems to be perfect for using in rough conditions and its light and small. and for the people who are always in offices or indoors. not everything big means its better. try the new samsung flagship its horrid

  • asda


  • Carl Hall

    wow! I cant wait till this launches on speakout wireless and PC mobility

  • inc188

    Wow…. that screen is horrible… i mean, reminds me screens from 2000s?
    ya i know its $72

  • RR

    VERY Gimmick-y, just like that phone with the dedicated Facebook button, just because it has one, doesn’t mean people will use it. Lol.

  • manuela ongaro

    quanto costa il nuovo nokia 210 qui in’italia?