Reddit News for Android receives updated interface, full tablet support

Daniel Bader

January 26, 2013 12:30pm

Android and Reddit go well together, both a bastion of free speech, open source and a hint of the unrefined. There are myriad great Reddit apps for the platform, some from notable developers like OneLouder Apps (BaconReader) and small teams (reddit is fun, reddit sync), but the one consistently hailed as the best is Reddit News, from one-man outfit DBRADY.

Available in both ad-supported and paid versions, Reddit News sticks to Google’s Holo design guidelines and adds a ton of features that are sure to delight even most casual Reddit fan. The latest version brings a native tablet interface with sliding frames, much like Press or Tapatalk HD, and incorporates Google’s new YouTube API for in-app playback.

There is a new left-side sliding navigation bar and multiple account support with easy transition, different font sizes, private messaging support, and more.

It’s likely the nicest-looking, most full-featured Reddit app available for the platform. It’s available for $1.99 and you’re helping a really hard-working developer, so why don’t you give him some cash for his trouble?

Download Reddit Sync for Android.

Via: Reddit

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Pay for an Android app? What is this madness?! Paying is for iSheep!

  • Shawn

    Available in both ad-supported and “pain” versions.

  • Eric

    I prefer the updated phone/tablet UI in baconreader a bit more than this one.

  • Saif

    Just a heads up. You labelled your link as download a different app, reddit sync. Though it does link to reddit news.