Bell’s PTT Android app updated to version


  • Wendy Cheung

    Hey that’s my Contact Information!

    • Sony? No thanks!

      Robert, Samuel, Sarah, and the Two Scotts rejoice!
      They are the only five users of PTT in 2013.

      By the way is the Telus-Mike network still alive??
      Are the $73 plans from Telus design to make us pay for theMike Network??

    • MiKE

      Yes, the MiKE network is still alive. However, its turndown is currently being planned over the next couple years and will be replaced by technologies available through LTE.

  • MattyMattMatt

    You know, Bell could make this more useful if the app worked on more phones.

  • Jesse

    Has nobody heard of zello?!?!

  • Voxer Rules

    Guess nobody heard of Voxer either!