YouTube Capture for iPhone updated with 1080p support, faster upload speeds

YouTube Capture for iPhone is one of those small yet intriguing apps Google seems to be peppering across the iOS ecosystem.

The app allows you to easily and quickly share video to YouTube with an iPhone, a task that was made more difficult with the release of iOS 6. The latest update, in addition to allowing faster upload speeds, now lets users capture video at 1080p, though Google admits that upload speeds will be significantly slower (even with the optimizations) with the option enabled.

Capture also allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks after the upload is complete. Google has also improved audio sync and squashed some bugs, which is always nice.

The company still promises an eventual release for Android, but it’s much easier to share to YouTube from an Android smartphone, the need is much less dire.

Download YouTube Capture for iPhone.

Via: TNW