Twitter releases standalone video sharing app Vine for iPhone

Daniel Bader

January 24, 2013 2:06pm


Twitter has released a video sharing app from a company called Vine, which it purchased last year for an undisclosed sum. The app is standalone but you can use Twitter to sign up, and it plays nice with Twitter’s new Cards system in its mobile apps, even on Android (for which there is no native version just yet).

Vine restricts you to six seconds of capture, though you can break it up into short snippets to create a “video,” though it more accurately resembles a looping GIF with slightly better quality. You take video by holding down on the screen; capture stops when you release.

It’s going to be interesting to see whether this, and Twitter’s recently-added photo filters in its mobile apps, disrupt existing app habits such as Instagram, Flixel, Keek, Cinemagram and others. With small startups being outshined not necessarily in app quality but in public mindshare, an acquisition by a big company like Facebook or Twitter seems to be the only way to stay alive.

Twitter says that it is working to bring Vine to “other platforms” so, who knows, it could come to Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 before too long.

Download Vine for iPhone.

Via: Twitter

  • Miknitro

    This could stay an exclusive to iphone,
    an I wouldn’t feel I was missing a thing.

  • TZM

    More crap from FB.



  • S2556

    There already is Viddy which does 15 sec clips, on both IOS and android, and not many people use.

  • lol

    What a horrid case

  • bobblehead

    Pfft. Look at the 1 bar from Rogers. serves you right for picking such a crummy provider.