Bell gives the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G its “End of Life” notice


  • Dale

    I think the new 10-inch tablet is coming! wasn’t it on the leaked roadmap or something

    • J S

      its reach to end of life because there is no enough apps

    • CRTC

      Can’t wait for the BB10 firesales!

    • Pookie

      RIP RIM!!!!!! RIP! RIP!!!


  • Lukeiphone

    Isn’t existing playbooks getting BB10 updates?

    • Nothin But RIM

      yes they are

    • P.O.S.

      POS better get BB10

  • screamer

    What is a playbook? Thought ipad is something nobody needs. For same price getting a laptop.

  • sp

    not enough apps?

    i dont know about you, but i got a lot of the apps i need.

    were you missing some fart apps that you cant live without???

    • J S

      Comparing it with your S3?

      RIM has no apps at all (almost)

  • Rich

    Concerning if you’re a Playbook owner. I hope RIM doesn’t pull a WP7 on us.

  • Miknitro

    I missed out getting one sadly.

    • Eduardo

      You didn’t miss out, put your money on a nexus 7 instead

  • royf29

    it was simply too expensive and on a 3 year contract…. Why on earth would you buy a table with a 3 year contract and barely any subsidy…

    or you could just buy it without a contract i guess.!

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    Why is it concerning? The playbooks are getting BB10. WP7 phones on the otherhand, aren’t getting WP8, just parts of it.

  • Kid.Canada

    Because of the damn price of couse. 64GB WiFi bundle for $299 and a 32GB 4G without bundle for 549. Which one would u get? Exactly.

    • J S


  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    New BB10 Playbook LTE is coming.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    @Kid.Canada |

    If you’re concerned about the cost of the playbook, go online and buy one for 99-150 bucks. Talk to bell about their pricing. Pricing in this case is not being determined by RIM.

    the person above was saying he/she was concerned, because the playbook was getting discontinued and thought it might mean it wasn’t getting updates. It is getting updates. Thanks for trying to derail the conversation with non-sense.

  • Mystrin

    I just bought at BestBuy two day ago for $79.95. It was marked and I ad to call around to bout 6 stores to get one. At tht price I had to get it. Not to mention tht I will also get the update, how can u go wrong???

  • Jack

    I wonder how many people are going to (mis)interpret this as “RIM has discontinued the PlayBook?