Virgin Mobile says BlackBerry 10 is “coming soon,” opens up pre-registration


  • chillwinston

    RIM FTW!



      RIP RIM

      WELCOME 2013

    • IceScream

      “RIM will be unveiling the new BlackBerry 10 devices and OS on January 30th”

      That should read: “RIM is expected to announce when you can go to the store and buy a BB10 phone finally”

    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • 2see

      I meant to say…
      RIP Android 🙂

  • holla

    remember when Bell (Virgin’s Brand owner) said the palm pre had “Unprecedented expressed interest” and during their quarterly earnings meeting they said “It will be a major contributor to our portfolio” – deja vu anyone…

    • chillwinston

      No I don’t remember that. Even if I did how is this relevant to blackberry doing pre orders?

    • IceScream

      This are NOT PRE-ORDERS!!

      If you read the words in the image it says:

      Signup to receeive a notification to “learn” (bacause with RIM you learn) WHEN the phones will be available!

      The only thing in common around the BIG 3 and subsidiaries is that the potential price of the phone hovers around $700 or around the price of the Note 2.

    • Porilaisten

      Palm never had anywhere close to the user base and mindshare that RIM has.

  • FTW

    irrelevant company

  • Reafer

    bb10 won’t be out till march..poor ppl who are waiting lol
    jan 30 is just showing…have to wait another month or so.

    • Nothin But RIM

      It actually may be out within the week after the launch. *Rumours* but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • hoo dat

      RIM has stated on numerous occassions that the BB10 RELEASE will happen no later than 2 weeks after launch. Recently, they’ve been hinting at February 4th for major markets, February 11th for the rest of the world.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    I just hope they dont price it at $700 because it will be an epic fail for RIM , price is everything for the consumer e.g. sold out NEXUS 4 they cant keep it in stock because the price is fantastic for a very good phone

    • COBwiggy

      And there has only been 400 000 made .. That`s a very insignificant number..

    • Joe public

      When will the DROID-tards realize that the nexus4 is a welfare phone priced to lose money and still jelly bean is only 2% of the Android at these barging bin prices. I hear tim Hortons will be running special on the galaxy s4 in may 2013 for every glass of free water ordered you will receive a galaxy s4..

      One day android users will grow up and get a real phone, dare to dream little android user dare to dream..

      RIP Android the welfare dollar store quality barging bin phones.

    • Back in Black

      @ sgt romanov
      BlackBerry doesn’t need to race Android to the bottom. Android can wallow in the mud alone.

  • Snoopdogg

    Nexus was never meant to go mainstream. It was marketed for Internet/computer nerds like us. However since it ended up being a very good device for its price point everyone jumped on it and they sold out. I don’t expect other phones to be anywhere close to that price, Google sells equipment almost at cost and gains revenue through ads and crowd sourcing. Other companies need to make profits off phone sales, therefore realistically a very high end phone should cost 5-7 hundred dollars.

  • Dalex

    I’m growing more excited for this platform with each passing day. The Z10 has the specs I want including removable battery (with a more efficient OS than Android no less) and SD card slot. It has the S4 Pro SoC (Dual-Core one) which has the embedded LTE modem for better battery life (the Quad-Core APQ one suffers because of this). It has 2 GB of RAM for multitasking which will be the forte of this QNX OS.

    The app situation looks promising, a lot more than WP. The main issue right now is ecosystem which has long been Apple’s strength. Google and Samsung are almost there and even Sony’s keynote yesterday showed that they see the importance of a good ecosystem. Its not enough to have a good device anymore. It needs to integrate well with everything else you have. It also needs to have accessories that facilitate your life.

  • IceScream

    “I’m growing more excited for this platform with each passing day.”

    -There is and will be lots and lots of room to grow, since the phone won’t be avaialable until March in significant numbers.

  • Mr Dobolina….Mr Bob Dobolina

    Calling Virgin now….on another note what happened to the thread about the Playbook 95% upgrade take on the new operating system?????

  • Nothin But RIM

    Everytime I see someone make a predictive, negative comment about RIM I see it’s clear that a lot of the people who make those comments have not taken any time to actually read anything about the new platform. So it seems the ones who know the least seem to have a way of knowing the most about how it will fare in the market place. Good thing, there are people who actually take the time to research the platform that although may be slightly biased still are objective enough to make real sense. No one knows how BB10 will do whether you like RIM or not.

  • andy c

    hope RIM does well.

    Apple and Google seem content with their 1 ,2 status at the top.

    Microsoft needs a kick in the pants.

  • Richard

    A potential pricing of $700 for a phone scares the crap out of me. It can be an android, iphone or blackberry… $700 is a lot. With that being said, i’m MORE interested in seeing if the January 30 launch will give us insight as to the plans of the playbook! 2 things I want to know… 1) When will BB10 OS be available for the playbook 2) How will older Blackberrys (say a 9700) interact with the new blackberry 10os in the playbook. Will there still be a bridge? Will the bridge be used in the new “hub” for notifications received on the blackberry?

  • Daniel

    BB 10 seems very competitive product in the top line of smartphones today. This is very important time in the history of the company. As Canadian if we want to see RIM to be a success in the global competition they need strong support at home. After all they pay tax to the Canadian government.

  • BS Detector

    It says “Approximate value of all prizes is: $2,800.” So each Z10 is going to be $2,800 off contract? Perhaps Virgin will give us a break and charge only $999 on a 3-year. Nobody will buy this phayle. Rimm is dead.

    • Daniel

      Since they are giving away 4 phones, you should divide 2,800 by 4.

  • Justin Credible

    Hello FIDO…where are you? Lol

  • Zoinkka

    Why oh why are they pushing the all-touch? I’m excited about the new BBs, and might very well upgrade, but the only reason I wouldn’t get an Android instead is for the keyboard.

    • hoo dat

      The X10 (PKB Model) will be launched 3-4 weeks after the Z10 (All Touch Model).

  • Joe public

    Little android fans don’t worry sammy just leaked photos of the S4 and it looks just like the Z10 except it’s white, seems android was hard at work at innovating again as they copied blackberry with no physical buttons and a led notification light along with 2gigs of ram. But reality and disappointment will set in after turning it on as it still runs on the clunky android jelly bean NO keylime pie till the S6.

    BlackBerry will be eating up androids market share in 2013 it so obvious it funny reading all the scared little droid-tards posts

    RIP Android phones, Mc Donalds new happy meal toy for 2013

  • John z

    To be honest & from what it looks like, Rogers will have exclusive rights to the Blackberry 10 phone. They are the first ones & only ones at the moment with the reservation & pre orders. Bell, Telus & Virgin are just ” Pre -registration” which means nothing.

  • Sweet

    I haven’t heard anything about BB10 from the new entrants yet. According to the leaked specs, it will work on their networks. I’m wondering if the leaked specs are wrong or the new entrants are simply waiting until later to announce a BB10 promotion.