Rogers and RIM partner to bring NFC magazine ads to Canada


  • Jim Balsillie


    • IceScream

      So now Mobilesyrup allows Matt Demers to write “Advertorials” on mobylesyrup??

      Its very clear that all the Windwows and RIM “articles” are being paid for, either in $$ or in kind with “free phones”

      Nothing wrong with that. The owners of the site have to get a source of revenue from somewhere, and the more flaming comments the better…..they create more traffic, more ads viewed, more revenue…

      I’m just saying that this is a long ad for the Rogers-RIM product.

      My guess is they will have AS MUCH SUCCESS as with the CIBC-app that only works on Rogers with 9900 with Data plan on Tim Hortons.

    • 2see

      RIP Android 🙂

  • gjeff12

    None of this nfc stuff is going to catch on if they try to make it a bb/rogers exclusive.

  • Reafer

    two irrelevant companies

  • JC Chong

    The only other time I’ve seen NFC ad is last year’s Lexus ad in Wired Magazine.

  • OgtheDim

    So an advertising campaign is now wireless news?!?!?!

  • andrew

    I dont want ads ever. stopped watch cable tv more than ten years ago cause of commericals. will go out of my way to find a non ad version of somthing I want.

  • schultzter

    Yeah, by the time these magazines make it to the doctor’s office NFC technology will be irrelevant! Let’s face it, how many people still read magazines!? Web-based and mobile content is how people consume “magazines” these days. This is just another example of a dead media grasping at straws and pretending they’re still relevant.

  • Sweet

    This is unproctected sex for your cellphone. Bad idea. NFC is a big security hole, IMO and I’ll be keeping it turned off if I ever get a phone that has it.

  • Sweet

    CORRECTION: This is unprotected sex with a complete stranger, for your cellphone.

  • Terry_in_Hali

    Yes, I went through the ridiculous process of enabling my Blackberry 9900 for NFC payments on my CIBC Visa.

    The CIBC-RIM-Rogers NFC only works if you elect to have a high cost Visa! Yes, I would have to convert my low interest Visa of 11.9 percent to 19.9 percent.

    No thank you RIM Rogers CIBC ripoff!

  • RipRim