Rogers HTC One X upgrade to Jelly Bean now available


  • Richard

    A month too late htc and robbers

  • Pierre

    Can only wish now that the HTC One S update by Fido is coming soon…

    • Dan

      sooner than you think…

  • Twosee

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • sp

      RIP Twosee

  • DarkisFever

    Come on Telus! Please make my day and release this today too 😀

  • kennypowers

    the only upgrade worth getting is BB10

  • Jack Jones

    Finally! So glad our patience finally paid out! The update for the XL only started in late december in Asia, so that mean that HTC is to balme for the delay. Nevertheless, I’m glad I’ll be able to enjoy the JellyBeanness !

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Man one thing I’m looking forward to is BB10 coming out and RIM going bankrupt so all you i****s can shut up about this BB10.

    • sp

      the only thing im looking forward to is the release of BB10 and shutting you up for your negative comments.

  • Mike

    Somebody grab me a tissue please.

  • Talha Wasti

    Yay me!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    @Mike, hold me.

    Happy to see HTC doing what they are suppose to do. Supporting their devices!!

    Pros – No glass back, LTE, JB O/S, display
    Cons – Non removable battery, No micro-SD slot

    • Tomatoes11


      Cons. Everything except the screen basically.

  • Adam

    Downloading now.

  • Tomatoes11

    So glad that I didn’t wait and sold this hunk of junk earlier. The multitasking was horrible and might be even worse now if this update is ram intensive.

    • Felix

      Why all the downvotes? The multitasking IS terrible. I’m hoping this fixes it. For a flagship phone, i am not impressed with the One X. Should have gotten the Galaxy

  • Jamie

    If I have a Rogers One X but unlocked to Telus, will I still get the update?

    • Adam

      Yes, you should be fine.

  • Matt

    Could someone let HTC know that Android is at version 4.2.1, they’ve seemed to release an older version here.

  • Captain Falcon

    -No more screen space lost to the submenu button

    -Broke my wifi AND mobile data!
    -Not 4.2

    Summary: Thanks, Rogers and HTC, for making things worse but somehow managing to make me feel grateful.

    • Tomatoes11

      Typical HTC. haha

  • 2kfire

    Broken wifi here too… Sorta…
    I can connect to the network and access my router and access point settings pages, but can’t connect to the internet through any app. Data is working fine for me though.

  • SrslyGuys

    Unlocked HTC One X running on the Bell network, upgraded just fine. Wifi works great. Version 4.1.1

  • screamer

    There is the 4.3 almostb out and they update to 4.1 same with Samsung! But the hit under the smartphone is…… sony! Released a super smartphone running jelly bean 4.1!!!!

  • MattyMattMatt

    lol @ people using vendor/carrier roms. Root people root. My battery life increased by a third once I rooted and disabled this quick hibernate/wake thing the network does and my phone actually goes into sleep and deepsleep now

  • Jeff Goebel

    Did my upgrade 16 minutes after this post. Nice improvements we’ve al been waiting for. My Nexus owning buddy is happy to remind me he’s still two versions ahead of me, even now.

  • Julius

    I installed it, runs fine, no wifi issues, messaging is modified and can be personalized, of course Google now, the display in the task manager is now counting the amount of ram used instead of what is left, there is also a power saver on in the notification, the phone is smoother and the experience is interesting and fun. Memory control and battery life are what I will look at

  • Prophet5ive

    Installed this update earlier today and it works great so far. No issues with data or wifi and everything runs a lot more smooth than before. Hope HTC is working on getting us the latest version of JB in the near future.

  • Ryand78

    No update showing on mine. Do you need to connect to wifi for it to show the update? Anyway to force the update?

    • Rob

      Menu >> Settings >> About phone >> System software updates >> Check now.

      I would use wifi because the file is 600mb+

  • Ryand78

    All i get is phone is up to date, i have 5 gigs to waste. I have Rogers HTC with a Telus sim. Maybe thats the issue?

  • Mark

    Where can I found this wallpaper? looks amazing!

    • Kieran

      I agree with Mark, where did you get this wallpaper? I must have it!!

  • Fred B.

    Oh great, my WiFi broke.

    Thanks for the wonderful update HTC. I’m sure glad Rogers is too busy testing its unnecessary 1 Number garbage instead of testing the actual device itself.

  • Ryand78

    Got me some Jelly Bean love!
    As soon as I got home n turned on wifi the update showed! Guess it doesn’t like cellular data from Telus!

  • Ryand78

    Wipe your device n start fresh! That usually fixes everything!

  • thisguy

    any idea about when one v gets an update?

  • Manny

    Is Telus ever going to get the update

  • Paul

    Hello out there.. my rogers HTC one X white 16 gb on fido just got the jelly bean update… i have it downloaded but havent installed the 600 + mb file yet, but too all it is out now i just got it im in just east of toronto ontario.

  • Joe Jakovac

    I downloaded the update and now my wi-fi is not recognized. Not happy so far.

  • 2kfire

    WHY CAN’T I POST?!?!?

  • 2kfire

    Lol of course that one worked…

    My phone is working fine now. You might need to wipe your phone like I did, but your mileage may vary!

  • Rich

    I have owned a HTC Touch, HTC Desire Z, HTC Incredible S, HTC EVO 3D, HTC Sensation, HTC Raider and a HTC One X. I love the HTC so much, but each phone Ive every had, has had a problem. Wifi issues, the phone randomly shutting off, dropped calls,random picture errors and the list goes on and on.

    But this is the last straw, the stupid update makes my wifi on my HTC One X not work. This will definitely be the last HTC phone I ever use. Samsung sounds good to me.

  • android

    Why not evo3d such nonsense that we are forced to root or purchase new devices to enjoy new o.s updates.

  • Nikesh

    I have note 1 i did not get any updates

    any one else?

  • rob

    Ive been looking for the jelly bean os update for my htc raider. All the forums ive read say that this phone is supposedly going to get the os upgrade but cant seem to find the download from the web or rogers and or some other site.

    I have done the about phone… blah blah blah but of course it comes back saying no update available.

    Can somebody out there let me know how and if there is a way that I can be proactive and download the 4.1 or 4.2 version from somewhere and is there a procedure involved etc…

    I presently have ice cream on my htc 4.0.3

    Any help would be appreciated,,thanks

  • no JB for Telus HOX

    Still no word on when telus will release JB for HOX. They probably have it and are just holding it to boost onex+ sales.

  • michael chrisite

    can u do it on a bell htc one s?

  • Steven Cokeng

    Does the Jelly Bean Update includes CID: HTC_044. i read the earlier update for jelly bean doesn’t include this phone. i have CID HTC_044 and no luck as of the moment…

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