Unlocked iPhone 5 shipments down to one week on Apple’s site

Daniel Bader

December 3, 2012 11:57am

If you’re looking to get yourself, or a (very) loved one an unlocked iPhone 5 directly from Apple for the holidays, wait times are down to one week. Previously buyers had to wait between two weeks and a month to get their shiny new Apple products, but as the phone enters its fourth month on the market the company has gained control of its supply chain.

Apple has received its fair share of criticism for the iPhone 5’s perceived flaws — among them a propensity for scuffed aluminum after some use — the phone has sold gangbusters here and abroad, and remains one of the most popular phones on the market.

The Cupertino company is also one of the only manufacturers to sell unlocked phones from its own website, though the outright cost is prohibitively high for many potential buyers. Bell and TELUS offer iPhone unlocks for between $50 and $75, but only when the device is purchased outright or has fulfilled its contract allotment.

Head over to Apple for all the information.

  • John

    How come it is $649 in the states for an unlocked one!

  • Jon

    thats a lie, Telus offers to unlock the IPhone for $35 after its been on their network after 90 days

  • Brad F

    4th month? why didnt i get an iphone in august? damn i missed out

  • Comrade Yeti

    TELUS unlocks at $35. It’s Rogers/Fido that is $50 to unlock

  • screamer

    But the thing is only one week? Like the iPhone but they people getting tired of it. I remember when the iPhone 4 came out and I could not get one for months or so and now i can get a unlocked iPhone for 649. Hm have a galaxy s and love it

  • dave thans

    Just goes to show there are a lot of women and hom o se xuals out there buying phones (iPhone) trying to not be left behind in technology.

    Jokes on them.

  • Phox

    Goes to show the popularity is already dwindling.

  • EvanKr

    $700 for an iPhone, or $350 for a Nexus 4 of the same storage capacity. Now I’m not going to criticize you if you prefer iOS over Android or vice versa, it’s a matter of personal preference. But twice the price for an iPhone? I don’t think so, even the most diehard iOS fanboys have got to agree that when it comes to price it’s never a competition.

  • DrBadass

    Brb Peoplez. I need to go rob a bank to buy this phone.

  • iPOS

    What a POS! I mean iPOS.

  • BreathLess

    This article just seems so rushed and mis informed. The current ship times has dropped to 2-4 business days and telus offers unlocking for $35, Rogers for $50 and bell for $75

    Anyways. If I was looking for this phone I’d rather buy it in the states. $50 less plus less taxes.