Sony Xperia S and ion likely to receive Jelly Bean update, we’ll find out when in mid-December


  • Dan

    Sony is slowly but surely turning back into a company that matters in this space. Moving on from Ericsson was a good move and once the “One Sony” philosophy that their CEO is championing is fully in effect, I suspect we will see the true force of the brand be revitalized. Unlike Samsung, HTC, and even Apple, Sony is vertically integrated (Sony Music, Columbia Pictures, etc.) and positioned to offer content in a way that is not readily available to other players.
    I really enjoy Sony’s designs and, as a key driver of AOSP, I believe they are one iteration away from true relevance in the mobile space. If Sony is awarded the next Nexus phone, they, like LG this year, will be poised for growth, respectability, and mind-share. Personally, I really hope that a Sony Nexus happens; right now all I see are Samsung and Apple commercials and that isn’t ideal for competition or consumers.

  • Sean

    Minor correction but in the last paragraph you talk about the xperia S and arc I think you mean ion

  • SC

    I will be very surprised to see any updates for 2012 devices after Jellybean given their past history though I would like to be wrong.

  • Sean

    SC actually Sony is one of the better OEM’s for updates as they update a boatload of their devices and not just all the high end ones