Videotron releases the Sony Xperia T

Ian Hardy

November 30, 2012 7:10am

James Bond – Agent 007 – rocks an Android device, specifically the Sony Xperia T. We’ve seen this hit Rogers, Bell, MTS and now it’s available at regional Quebec carrier Videotron. This 1.5GHz dual core can be yours for $89.95 on a “reduced price,” and ranges upward to $549.95 outright. A refresh of specs for this device has it coming with a 4.6-inch HD display (1280 x 720), 13MP camera that shoots 1080p HD videos, and currently runs Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but is on an upgrade path to Jelly Bean.

Check out our review hands-on of the Xperia T here.

Source: Videotron

  • Vengefulspirit99

    a new flagship phone with Ics? move along… nothing to see here.

  • hunkyleepickle

    But it’s on an upgrade path!!!

    • Xperia Late

      Upgrade to come on 1Q 2013, the phone was released in September & Jelly Bean was released in June, the update will be almost a year late so forget about getting any further updates on this phone!

  • Lirodon

    On SaskTel? I don’t see it on their site…

  • Dylan D

    I’ve had a chance to play with the phone, and while its not slow, it visually doesn’t seem up to par as other handsets on the market right now. Icons seem dated looking, the tweaked OS is getting smaller, but still very present and not as pleasing as sense or touchwiz.

    As far as the Sony fanboys are concerned I suppose its a decent phone, but considering what is available now, there are much better options in terms of price and function.

  • Eric

    I beg to differ.

    I’ve owned a GS3 with TouchWiz and still own an HTC One X with Sense. Recently I picked up an Xperia T to try it out.

    Personally I feel that Sony’s rendition of Android, including the skin and added functionality, is the best of the bunch. It is very slick, much more fluid than ICS on othe devices (comparable to JB with project butter) and it has genuinely useful additions.