You can now buy an unlocked iPhone 5 at Canadian Apple Stores


  • superfly

    What’s with the 4pm stuff? To create false shortage hype again? Apple is sick.


      $1000 for a phone. A phone people. LOL

    • Randy – 1

      I’m no iPhone fan by any means, but say what you want about Apple, they sure could show Google a thing or three about how to launch a handset.

    • John

      Better go get a second mortgage to afford the stupid expensive price.

  • Dan

    Be it a Nexus 4, an iPhone, or another option that currently escapes me, my future will only consist of unlocked devices.

    • Nose Picker

      Why? It is not like month-to-month plans are any cheaper.

      So you will be paying way more for the phone and then the same price for the plans LOL, you are really intelligent..NOT!!

    • Netguru

      Dan is right and NP is missing the point. Here are two of the many reasons to have an unlocked phone: 1) if you travel, you can use a sim from a local provider and save huge on long distance. When we go to the U.S., we pop in out AT&T sims and save a bundle; and 2) on MTM, you always have the option to grab a better deal from another provider, if the opportunity arises. Carriers know this and will go the extra mile to give you a better retention deal (even MTM).

    • Dan

      Netguru, you hit the nail right on the head. The ability to use a local SIM when traveling coupled with the negotiating leverage that an unlocked brings are the key items. The Nexus 4, in particular, is keenly attractive because of it’s price point. Now, if only Google would pull its head out of a deep dark place and make stock available, things would be ideal for me and no doubt many others.

    • phreezerburn

      Nose Goblin, unlocked phone users get to negotiate all those new plans as they come out and jump to whomever is offering the better service at a particular time. I’ve gotten the upgraded data plan from Telus twice so far myself in the last 6 months and adjusted another phone that I wanted to keep the number (none currently available in my area) alive on by flipping it to a $20 payg on auto refresh for the next year.

  • Sid

    The 2nd hand Kijiji Market for Apple Iphone 5 just got better.

  • landragon

    I can but why would I want to do that?

  • Is this Bb10?

    Does it work on AWS?

  • TestMe

    If its not Android, why would I want it?

    • John

      This post is about the iPhone 5 being sold unlocked. Why on earth would you bother posting this idiotic comment here???

      Nobody cares that YOU don’t want it…it’s a post about people who are interested in it.

  • skazzers

    Here ye here ye members of ye ol’ church of Applelology. For hither is ye initiation fee of said annual Apple Church tax.

    In Jobs we trust, for he is true our lord and saviour. Amen.

  • MrC39

    I could also flush my money down the crapper,……..but neither really make much sense, Thanks Apple but I’ll pass!

    • Josh

      Might be cheaper too…

  • hmmmm

    They are scared of Google…
    And unlocked devices won’t save you money all the time, I saved 480$ by taking a plan with Videotron and 530$ on the Note 2 itself. 1010$ of savings so…..

  • Zeeb

    $790, $902 or $1015 with tax in Ontario! What a steal! LMAO

    • Sgt.Romanov

      People need to think before they drop the kind of money for phones these days especially when you can pick up a completely unlocked NEXUS 4 16gb for only $359 , just shows the mark up on the other devices , Apple , Samsung , HTC , the NEXUS 4 is a game changer and a great android phone

  • Porilaisten

    For a billion-ish dollars? No Thanks.

  • MDC

    I’ll stick with an unlocked Nexus 4 thanks, assuming Google decides to start selling them in Canada at some point.

  • screamer

    Every phone should be unlocked because we pay more than enough. But like I always write the carriers make them more expensive. They want to sell there contract.

  • Gene

    Is that 2 of the rumoured 5s they have in the store front window?

  • ace

    looks like they are really hurting for sales against the gs3 and nexus 4… gotta let the chinese buy buy buy and ship overseas…. create more hype LOL

  • Henaway

    Sorry, for that money, I’ll take the far better, far more advanced Galaxy Note II … and still have cash to buy a Nexus 4.

  • Canuck

    Bought a GNEX from Google play for 350 a long time ago, plan too pick up a nexus 4 soon for 359, I hope this will be the new standard from here on out, I have no problem buying a top of the line unlocked device for $300-400. Who drops $800-1000 for a phone, seriously… I feel sorry for all the suckers that work like slaves and then buy that s**t cuz they think it will make them cool.

  • Ggcjg

    Wow I ordered mine online to get it unlocked a month ago. They just shipped it two days ago and now i find out I cud just pick it up at the store… I cud have just waited n got my iPhone sooner . Mine is expected to arrive wed

    • Henry

      Should have used the waiting time to improve spelling.

      Cud = could
      n = and

  • Nick

    They’re not hurting for sales. They’ve been selling unlocked phones since at least the iPhone 4.

    Man, you militant Android fanboys are just as annoying as the Appletards. My god, grow up.

  • ihitmyheadalot

    80 percent of the comments on any apple related post is android hatred. You only get to see about 3 percent of the remaining 20 percent made by people who are actually interested because the fandroids vote the rest down. There’s strengths and weeknesses to either ecosystem.. the only thing is that very few people are willing to set aside their brand loyalty to see it. (Hello to the four of you who see this before it disappears)

  • Eric

    Just bought one at Fairview. The employee had to ask his supervisor about selling the unlocked phone.

  • an

    Does it mean that I can buy it on Virgin’s tab but unlocked?

  • imrangr1

    If you are going to use the ROBELUS voice and data plan anyway rather get a three year contract with an iPhone. Because buying an unlocked phone is a highway robbery. You will pay $200 more than top end unlocked Android equivalent phones(actually superior phones). If you have already sold your soul to iTunes and want an iPhone then get it on a contract with subsidiary.

  • Dschuck

    Not every one can afford a Bentley. That is why they sell Chrysler.

  • Dschuck

    Has anyone seen an android store lately!!!

  • Dschuck

    Some people shop at Walmart and some people shop at Abercrombie or banana republic!!!
    Some people shop at Gucci and some people shop at a dollar store!!!
    Some people eat Mcdonalds and some people eat at jack in the box!!!
    Some people eat at redneck lobster and some people eat at great seafood restaurants!!!

    Everyone has an opinion. A apple a day keeps the doctor away!!!
    When was the last time someone stole a blackberry???

  • John Stewart

    wow, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get my iPhone 5…

    Said noone, ever.

    • Masked Bandito

      YOu know, except anyone that wanted an iPhone 5. If anything you hear no one saying that they’re excited and can’t wait to get their Android phone. Android phones don’t draw large lineups and huge sales. They’re nothing compared to the iPhone.