Apple releases updated Remote app for iOS to coincide with new iTunes 11


  • Whoo Daat

    It should be remote Maps lol

  • RockNRoll Will Never Die

    Another ugly interface…overpriced poor songs.
    New music is so bad anyway, get your music on vinyls, listen to real music people!

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Then realize you can now use it to AirPlay your music to multiple speakers around the house at once.

    If only they could make it do that automatically based on your location in the house as determined by some Bluetooth 4 sensors. That would be cool.

  • Crunk

    Anyone else have trouble with Remote Control and Wifi Syncing? Half the time the computer and the phone can’t discover each other.

    I can’t figure out whether it’s because my wifi sucks or whether it’s iTunes/Remote Control/Wifi Syncing’s fault. Anyone have answers? Hello? Beuller?

  • John

    Itunes… lol

  • Christmas Daniels

    Oh nice been doing that with my smart glass and Xbox for ever, on all my devices. The only downside is my Xbox also plays games, stores all my media, and gives me access to apps, secondary content on a second screen, and gives me great value for my money. Wish I had Apple T.V. so I could… say I have Apple stuff?