New Rdio apps released for iOS and Android, and they’re beautiful

Daniel Bader

November 27, 2012 1:44pm

Rdio has always provided tremendous value to Canadians, as the streaming service provides better content from more artists than many of its competitors. It’s had the ability to stream — cache for offline usage — millions of tracks across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and the web.

Today, Rdio is releasing revamped apps for its iOS and Android platforms, and based on extensive usage of the beta version on both platforms, I can say that this is one of the most attractive apps on any platform I’ve used.

Navigation has changed, provided now by the increasingly popular left sidebar. The overall interface has been simplified and flattened, with a minimalist look to match its desktop revamp from a few months ago. On Android phones the sidebar smoothly fades in and out, and it’s a joy to see and use.

By default, you’ll see high-res thumbnails of each album in Heavy Rotation, but you can quickly navigate between categories by sliding your finger right from the extreme left of the screen. Rdio has added infinite scrolling, too, so you no longer have to press ‘More’ to receive further suggestions.

The app can also now be used as a remote for any other platform music is being played on. For instance, if you’re streaming Rdio on your stereo through a computer, the play controls with default to remote control mode and stop/start playback on the PC. But you can also take over listening duties on the phone itself, say if you’re leaving the house and want to continue listening on headphones.

Both apps have been retooled to be more stable, but the Android app in particular seems far less prone to crashing or succumb to the dreaded “0:00” issue that plagued prior versions. Songs seem to play back almost instantly over LTE, and never fail to load like they previously did.

One thing I wish the new app included was selective sync: I have around 3GB of music in my collection, and having it sync every song to all my mobile devices is not only impractical but bandwidth-heavy. Nevertheless, the new Rdio app is a stunning achievement, and further entrenches the company as one of the premiere mobile app designers in the industry.

Rdio is available for mobile devices for $9.99/month.

Download Rdio for iOS and Android.

  • Eric

    Screenshot shows a Nexus One running JB. I smell something fishy.

    • Dalex

      Probably running a custom rom of either ICS or JB since they both use the same holo theme introduced by Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    10 dolla per month is too expensive, netflix+rdio…wawawewa lets cut down those bills



  • Tom

    I really like RDIO and was thinking of upgrading to the mobile subscription for $8/month. When did it go to $10? I think that is just too much.

  • pats


  • jPhoneUser

    had this for many months. dumped this over songza. 10$ a month for music subscription is expensive :S

    hope netflix bring a 15$ movies + music package.

  • William

    How is $10 a month for as much music as you want too much? What do you pay for ONE cd? Are you daft?

    • Dalex

      CDs are also stupidly expensive at 15$ a pop, that doesn’t mean this is excused at 10$/month. You don’t get to own any of these tracks. You get ripped a new one both ways. It’s like they want us to just pirate these tracks.

      I’ll stick with Songza/8tracks thanks.

  • Patrick

    I’m trying it right now and my only complain is that it’s hard to return to the “playing right now” screen. You have to go trough the notification bar.

  • Croak

    Seems to have nothing but pop and rap music, the same crap I already don’t listen to on a real radio. Selection is mostly based on what other people are listening to?

    And while I realize taste is subjective, this is one of the least attractive tablet apps I’ve seen. Doesn’t conform to Holo guidelines, the Back button exists the app instead of going back to the previous screen, the color scheme is an unattractive stark white and blue, there’s no easy way to search genres (hence my belief that it’s Top 100 crap), and it’s more laggy than Netflix when scrolling through the album lists.

    But other than that, I guess it does what it says.

  • Ron

    10 bucks a month is a solid price for a service this great. Ive used it for over a year, and I’ve turned friends onto it. New update finally provides remote control feature which is incredible. I don’t even notice the money coming from my account.
    Their support is fast and helpful too. Always innovating; this is the future of direct entertainment.
    As far as “selective sync” as referred to in the article, you click an album and select sync. It doesnt get more selective than that. You dont have to sync your whole collection.