Two Chevy models to get Siri Eyes Free integration in early 2013


  • skazzers

    Nice. Apple maps combined with Siri in my new car. I’ll never be late again!

    • Thai

      …can’t tell if serious.

  • Bergkamp

    It is a BMW in the picture
    Since when did Government Motors acquire BMW?

  • FormerAndroidUser

    I wish they developed an open standard for push-to-voice assistant so that any phone with a supported app could use the button. Good business move for Apple, questionable move for car makers and bad for consumers.

  • Andrew

    Nobody said the interior shown in the picture above was a Chevy, stupid.

    • Mlads

      Well if the title specifically points out Chevy then it would make sense to also feature that in the image.

  • Smart Consumer

    I’ve never had an iPhone.

  • drone

    That’s pretty neat; however, somewhat unfair favouritism going on.

  • TestMe

    If its only Siri Integration, why would I want it??

  • Lukeiphone

    And this is why iPhone is better!

  • Sam

    Siri = apple= chevy= garbage

    • lol

      siri = apple = chevy = garbage > android


  • Sam

    It’s better to include apple map as well so you will be lost

  • odt

    I guess if there are still people who will buy an iPhone there are still people who will buy a Chevy.

  • TP

    That’s a nice Chevy in the picture.

  • jeff

    I’ve been doing this with my ford sync since 2010. Aaaaand using the mobile platform of my choice.

  • derp

    My Motorola roadster 2 can do this..

  • Josh L

    We need K. I. T. T. I not Siri

  • Unr8ted

    You can finish your car lease at the same time of your Iphone Contract & you get Two pieces of crap for 36 months.

  • pacalis

    Make more sense if the phone was horizontal. Look better too.

  • Mike

    This will be a fail for Chevy, cause Iphones suck, and Apple’s sales are decreasing every month. Chevy should have went with Android features in the car, At least go with a winning Operating system. Apple products suck, half of siri doesn’t work properly in Canada, and Apple’s maps, well you know how that is,,,LMAO LOL. Chevy Should of went all the way with Samsung integration features.

  • Mike

    And yes there were a ton of people who went out and purchased an Iphone 5 at first, but then Apple received tons of returns, or people on Kijiji or used Ottawa online websites all Iphone 5 owners after the 14 day return policy ran out, they all posted ads online to make trades for the best top selling smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3.