Rdio for Android beta brings Holo-inspired design and left-side navigation bar


  • aliwhatsit

    Mobilesyrup… What is it with you and this rdio thing?

  • Matty

    For me, rdio is exactly what I want from a music service. Well priced, great catalogue, and as an android user I love that it’s one of the few cross platform apps that is consistently a step ahead on that platform.

  • Francis Thibault

    Holo aka Metro!

  • GrooveStomp

    Well, looks are one thing. Their last version was pretty, but every single screen was preceded with a 20+ second load where user input was completely ignored.

    I stopped using their service after contacting their customer support on Twitter, Email and through their website and getting a simple form resposne that failed to address my complaints.

    Maybe they made a functional app this time? The first version worked perfectly fine, so I guess we’ll see!