Microsoft expected to launch “Apollo Plus” update for Windows Phone 8 in February

Daniel Bader

November 26, 2012 5:50pm

There’s no mistaking the fact that, despite Windows Phone 8’s extensive feature set and countless improvements over its predecessor, there were a few notable omissions in the final product. Microsoft admitted that it ran out of time to bring a new notification centre to the OS, and basic enterprise features like VPN support were also omitted at launch.

To that end, the company plans to introduce a software update, currently dubbed “Apollo+”, early next year, likely during Mobile World Congress in February. Also expected to make an appearance in the update, which may be the first to use Microsoft’s new over-the-air infrastructure, will be fixes for WiFi disconnecting when the screen is turned off, corrections for audio glitches, and the possibility of notification improvements.

Canada is still in the early days of its Windows Phone 8 launch, having seen a successful rollout of the Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8X, the latter on both Rogers and Bell. And while we don’t have Canadian sales figures, we’ve heard that the Lumia is selling quite briskly in the United States and in its native Finland. By the time the Apollo Plus update makes an appearance, we’ll hopefully have a more robust app ecosystem as well.

Source: Twitter
Via: The Verge



  • Stefano Beninteso

    My contract is up at the end of February. I’m with Telus. If they don’t get this phone I will change carriers, without hesitation. But PLEASE COME TO TELUS! I’d rather not have to deal with the hassle!

  • Qoma

    The 920’s release would be a lot more successful if I could find one.

    • mrdeeds72

      Without a doubt!

  • Simble

    VPN is pretty basic stuff for an enterprise ready smart phone these days, get it sorted Microsoft!

  • Sgt.Romanov

    These phones need to be better priced , $600 bucks or more is crazy for a phone

  • Karl

    I would be all over WP8 if the Nexus 4 wasn’t so bloody cheap. 3-years are brutal.

  • Skyward


    The final update to WP8 is not disconnecting from WiFi when the screen turns off.

    Just like the final update to WP7 was adding copy & paste, before Microsoft announced terminating the platform to boost the next great thing in WP8…

  • lunch bucket

    Picked up a Lumia 920 as my work phone recently. $0 down, $450 tab on a three year contract, BUT I’m only on the hook for those $450, no cancellation fees or other crap, and the tab gets discounted by 1/36th of the phone’s total price each month. It compares pretty favourably with the Nexus 4, which i will be activating as my personal phone on my Wind account once it is back in stock.

    Overall the 920 is great, though a bit slippery. Got a case on the way, but for now i have to be careful with it.

    • Karl

      Who did you score the Lumia 920 from? That could be a pretty good deal for me if I can wrangle the carrier to cover my cancellation fees from Bell.

  • hza

    I got,the new Lumia 920 its pretty sick ! Recommend it everyone !

  • Keith

    The 920 is selling briskly in every country that carries it–except for maybe Canada.

  • Maurice

    Would love any WP8 phone on Fido! Why they are refusing to put it on this carrier is beyond me

  • Jonathan Brunelle

    I switched from Telus to Rogers this weekend for a lumia 920 ( TELUS contract ends in DEC4, so I have a temporary number at Rogers till then )

    feature that isnt talked about much is the sensitivity of the screen… I Can even use the phone with leather gloves on… an important feature in Canada 🙂

    • Stefano

      Did Rogers give you any bonuses/perks for switching?

  • TheCK

    Good news. Probably means Microsoft is moving to a shorter release cycle.

  • Ron

    Got myslef a nokia lumia 920 from rogers, but Im with bell and the phone came unlock from rogers! if you buy it on a 30day and cancel after youill get it for 549$

    • Taylor

      Any troubles with using it on the bell network? I’ve been thinking about doing this as Telus is taking way to long to get any windows 8 devices. But I heard that the mms doesn’t work when you use the. Lumia 920 from rogers on telus!

  • mrdeeds72

    I made the plunge from my Nokia c6-01 to the HTC 8X. The only reason? Bell didn’t carry the Lumia 920 and I could no longer function with my venerable Nokia. Got it for nothing too! Love the HTC 8X so far!