Google: “Your Nexus 4 order is scheduled to ship this week”


  • David N

    Doies this mean that I’ll be able to order mine?

    • OnTrack

      Wow, Looks like GSMarena was right.
      Some people there were saying that Google would ship the initial orders Around Dec 03 and that the next shipment was going to be here by Dec 17th.

      Just don’t keep your hopes high about getting one for the holidays, they won’t meet Demand until End of January at the earliest 🙁

      Hopefully they start making 16 and 32GB models to cope with the dissapointment. 🙂

      Re: LTE Chip capabilities being removed: The advantage of the N4 is the Economy of Scale; its basically the Optimus G, so the more you modify the assembly line, the more expensive it gets.

      -Another thing is that the FCC permit for radiation emmisions goes with the hardware they submitted. If they REMOVE the LTE module,it would be like creating a new phone and they will have to re-submit to the FCC, and their counterparts of the world. So removing the LTE module is not an issue.

      Ultimately; the LTE module only works on Band 4 and there are only a few operators in the world with that band. BETTER news for GOOGLE; WORSE news for LG!
      Now the Optomus G “Only” offers the SD Card in comparison to the N4….at TWICE the price!
      The difference is lower for the S3 though.

      Bottomline: for $360 plus $16-20 for shipping plus taxes we are talking about $430ish NET for a phone that will truly last 2yrs. Lose it/forget it/get it stolen before that (gasp) and the financial hit is $400.
      Compare that with the “other high end phones” or the i5!

    • SAM

      no lte!

    • Date Night

      BB10 is coming soon!! Still no date, but the stock price MUST be maintained!!

  • Alex

    Been there, got that.

  • Tom Gray

    You hear that eBay’er scum? Time to stock up

    • Fluxman

      a*****e scammers will get free shipping, but still probably charge shipping to those they are scamming…

  • Alex Marz

    What a horrible phone launch

  • R.Dot

    This is great, but tell us when you’ll have more stock Google! Speaking for those of us who were patiently waiting for one device, and not one of those dicks who bought 5 to re-sell.

  • manan s

    lol all day long i was refreshing the page , btw im happy they going to have restock , cant wait 😀

  • Skyward

    Why should I buy a Nexus 4 when the scrolling on my Lumia 920 will get even smoother with the rumored Apollo Plus update?

    • Mark

      Why should I buy a Lumia 920 when they obviously just copied the Iphone 5?

    • deltatux

      Because it’s sold for half the price, fully unlocked and you can do ANYTHING on the device as you see fit? I don’t know about you but I don’t like being told what to do after I paid good money for the product.

  • Taigi

    Ugh, I just want to order mine….

  • 2c

    You’re telling me, I am so glad I gave away my iPhone 5 so I could switch to the Lumia 920… The best phone ever made.

    When they get around to upgrading scrolling in WP8, it will be the smoothest scrolling of any platform guaranteed. Microsoft is so huge that when they make up their mind, it will be done.

    • Crackberryfan

      “when they get around to upgrading scrolling in WP8, it will be the smoothest scrolling of any platform guaranteed”

      Until January when BB10 hits.

  • Tkavil

    How about a limit of 2 per household? That is reasonable. I remember going on the RedFlagDeals forums, some where complaining that they only received shipping notices for 12/16 of the phones they ordered, meanwhile I’ve been waiting months and could not even get one.

  • Skyward

    That wasn’t me posting under my name. I was on the fence to wait and see what gets announced at MWC February 2013, but you made up my mind to not hesitate once more Nexus 4s are available — at the very least the resale value should hold up, you know because the platform will last more than a year before being killed off like all Microsoft experiments

  • monsterduc1000

    Patience techno-friends, patience. I’m waiting for the 32gb to be announced. Hopefully in a couple months =D

  • flin

    i really hope i can order one soon. i just want one phone. damn. they announce it on october 29. and its almost a month later and i still won’t have it. i bought a galaxy nexus already but if i can get a nexus 4 in the next week or so that would be awesome, since i can still return the galaxy nexus as long as its under two weeks 😛

  • Bob

    I bet the next stock won’t allow lte in canada

  • simsurf

    people still buy windows phones? ROFL

  • hinds 2009

    Why do people troll android sites, they must love android deep down! Looking@you crapple fans and win phone!

  • Fluxman

    So people who got their orders will receive free shipping, but those of use who were screwed out of getting our order bc of the site crashing get nothing? Will we even get free shipping?

  • KyoKeun

    hopefully people who couldn’t get it can finally order it soon…

  • williamworlde

    Part 1/4

    It’s been a blast! This forum has taught me many things, most importantly how I relate to my technology – and my wallet. There have been negative things too, but I started looking at the forum to gain some info re: a device to replace my aging iP 3GS off contract but still with my old SP.

    Without going into too many details, I got the new LG Optimus G with another provider. Wow; that is a very nice piece of technology! And beautiful too. But, it’s the same thing I felt when I held the iP 4S last year and last week: Sharp, unfriendly edges. AND, it is way too big for my hands! It’s the reason I stuck with the 3GS so long: It’s decent looking and really comfortable to hold.

    • Huh?

      What you are saying makes no sense. Your complaint about the phone was something you could’ve easily tested out before hand in the store.

  • Yazzie

    I received the email today about my nexus 4 being ship this week. For those who purchased more than one device n then sell it on eBay for a ridiculous amount…shame on u! In the end they’re the ones making profit until google gets their productivity set for ppl who want the phone:/

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Right , I have seen on ebay people showing the device and behind you can see the have 4 or 5 boxes of nexus 4 wanting from $650 all the way up to $1000 , pfffffffffff I hope google and other companies learn from this debacle

  • superfly

    We are investigating.

  • Rob

    Just got this 6:35 am pacific.

    Nexus 4 will be available for purchase later today!
    Order yours from Google Play starting today, November 27 at 12:00 noon PST (U.S. only).

    US only. Bah humbug!

  • Marc

    Just got an email from Google Play (

    Thank you.
    Great news! Your order on Google Play has shipped. Track the status of your package UPS #******************. Note that it may take 24 hours for your tracking number to return any information.

    I’m pretty excited!

  • Steve

    I rcvd the “shipping this week” email last night.

    Moments ago I rcvd the shipping notice and tracking number… woohoo!

  • Alex