Khan Academy for iPhone brings 3,600 educational videos to the small screen


  • np

    lol the title! “small screen” was spot on!

  • vn33

    After reading the title, my initial thought was this has something to do with Star Trek !! 🙂

  • Non

    Lets see how long will they to to release this on Android

  • Bromandah Bolz

    Let’s hope that this will be a trend in the future when you can download on a tablet or smartphone educational videos and lectures on math, economics, languages etc.

  • Terry VanNoy

    Sal Khan deserves all of the media and attention he is getting because of his tremendous vision, leadership, and work with Khan Academy. I first learned about his videos in 2009, after I had already been recording SMARTboard videos for my math students in my high school classroom. It turns out that we started about the same time, realizing that kids at all levels really responded to this new educational opportunity to be in control of their own learning through uploaded videos.
    The idea of Khan Academy, that our educational system needs to be improved, tweaked, rethought, and restructured, has been an inspiration for me as I continue to do my thing, at a smaller scale but in the same direction. My YouTube channel “Math Class with Terry V” is doing great, and has spawned my live online tutoring web site The point of this shameless plug is that I am not alone. Sal, you have generated a lot of thought and energy around this idea that our schools can be improved in dramatic ways, so thank you for being one of the first! Terry VanNoy

    • Pablo Moses

      I agree with you, Khan Academy is helping all the kids around the world.