HTC Deluxe shows itself in black and white, inches closer to international launch

Daniel Bader

November 22, 2012 5:47pm

We’re eagerly anticipating the launch of the HTC Deluxe, the international version of the recently-launched Droid DNA.

The device, presuming its hardware is identical to its U.S. counterpart, will have a 5-inch 1080p Super LCD3 screen, 2GB of RAM, 16-32GB of internal storage, an 8MP camera with ImageSense, LTE connectivity, a 2020mAh battery and, of course, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Sense 4+.

While these new press shots expose the multi-colour scheme of the upcoming device, it does little to further our knowledge of when, and for how much, the Deluxe will be available. We’re sure, with the impending release of the HTC One X+ in Canada, the Taiwanese company is in no rush to undermine its current flagship’s place in the market.

That being said, we know of at least one other 5-inch 1080p device coming in the coming months, specifically Sony’s Yuga, though it may not actually arrive in Canada until next summer, if history is any indication.

We’ve also heard that the Droid DNA has some battery issues, likely due to the many LEDs needed to power such a pixel-dense LCD display. If the Deluxe does come to Canada, we’re hoping that HTC sees fit to increase its battery size, even at the expense of some extra girth.

Source: GSMArena

  • Edward Szklar

    Why can’t this be a Nexus? Hope XDA and/or CyanogenMod can work on this puppy.

  • Jerry

    If HTC could increase the battery size and add a SD card slot or more internal storage I would be interested in this phone for sure. I love the hardware.

  • jess

    this looks so sleek.

  • Alex

    Was hoping for this phone but with limited battery and no sd and sense….I’ll wait for s4….no wonder htc loses money. Great phone, but not greatest for long with obvious flaws

  • Ron Mexico

    HTC? Pass. BIG TIME. They will forget about this phone 5 months after its launch. Be lucky to see one update. Never mind several.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Hmm, a matte option AND a glossy option, by the looks of it. That’d be nice.

  • Miknitro

    Bang on Brad, both as an option or soft touch alone.

  • Matt

    It only HTC were nicer to the dev community…

  • Dalex

    OMG… that looks… like my eyes are crying tears of joy for being exposed to that…

    Than I’m reminded that, I have the One X and I don’t need a bigger device with a marginally better screen, piss poor battery and the knowledge that part of my money now goes to Apple.


    P.S. Samsung, please for the love of god, take notes of the design and build of this device.

  • dv

    That white version is beautiful 🙂

  • pedro

    It just keeps getting better!

  • Alex Davies

    YES!! Brown phones FTW! (and yes, I am being serious – I loved the original brown Zune!)

  • morritz

    the bezel looks bigger than the dna … 🙁

  • oldschool

    Samsung should copy this like they did with the iPhone and make another few billion dollars off someone else’s design.


    Miles, you’re a moron you linked the wrong one…!

  • GOD

    Why can’t they keep the name DROID DNA ! I think its much better than htc deluxe…

  • Alex

    If this was CyanogenMod able. I would buy it now.

    I have learnt to wait till at least 6 months after adive release release to buy phones, used-cheaper and off contract. I choose based on XDA friendliness.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    this phone will be good for the first 4 hours. then you need to charge it… 5″ 1080p with LTE… only a 2020 battery?

  • wildspin

    Here’s hoping it has a larger battery and SD slot too. The look and spec are definitely top notch … seems to be the King of Android. 🙂

  • Thomas

    HTC buy the freaking Motorola batteries and put them in your damn phone!

  • Cody

    What about red 🙁

  • Croak

    Want. Want 32 gig. Want black. Can’t justify ditching my Tegra 3 One X for a One X+, but for the DLX I can. I’m a resolution and pixel density slut.

    As for battery, keep in mind that the DNA isn’t doing as bad in the real world as some of the reviewers thought it would, it’s got a bit of VZW bloatware, AND it’s primarily a CDMA/LTE phone which makes it a bit harder on the battery than a HSPA/LTE phone would be.

  • lelo

    Love this phone and has an amazing design. Hope they can make a nexus 5 that looks similar to this phone

  • drone

    Am i the only one who finds the White version, dull?

  • tomatoes

    The yuga will be better. It’s going to be smaller than the GS3 and OneX. Despite what HTC wants us to believe, this is phablet size still being that tall. Just because Apple says it is okay to be ridiculously tall and skinny it doesn’t mean it is okay for this to be.

  • Vpower

    U know. People buy it for the design mainly, I don’t care about the specs and battery life s**t.. Its like buying a car.. Design catches my heart, not the horse power or torque.. Well, must have standards of course.. Samsung.. Good.. But I dislike the finishing at the back and removable battery and the feeling of unsolidness when I hold it.. HTC here I come.