Rogers Samsung Galaxy S III upgrade to Jelly Bean pushed to “Early December”


  • holler back girl

    get rid of the i****s in their terminal development teams and just give Samsung direct authority to release the firmware



  • RC

    Buy ONLY Nexus devices (phones, tablets, etc).

    • Jessy

      But I don’t like the new Nexus, I need more storage!



    • EvanKr


      While as of right now (unless LG proves themselves otherwise with the Optimus G) I’d never buy an LG skinned device. However, the Nexus 4’s software upgrades are done primarily through Google, and if they support the N4 like they have other Nexi, software updates should happen pretty regularly.

    • TP

      1. Software updates/supports are done by Google, not LG.
      2. No LTE – at least in Canada N4 works on LTE networks.
      3. unremovable battery – So..tell me, how many batteries do you carry?

  • drizzo613

    I thought Rogers was the 1st for everything [/s]

  • kb2755

    So based on their apparent partnerships based on price fixing, Bell and Telus will also be pushed to December. Goodie.

  • Sheeeeeit

    I can’t imagine waiting this long for updates, Nexus line FTW

  • gjeff12

    A-holes, they should have made a ridiculous claim if they knew they were just going to change it.

  • Brandon

    Does this affect the note?

  • Matt

    Getting 4.1 after half a year. OEMs/carriers have their updates down!

  • Kid.Canada

    F*ck you Rogers!!! >:(

  • anelectricmind

    … here we go again…

  • Rick

    Very disappointed.. 3rd party rom.. here I come..

    • BDXL

      Exactly. I waited and waited for Rogers official ICS 4.0.3 for my SGS II LTE. When i finally got it, it was FULL of bugs and locked up at least once a day. I couldnt take ot anymore and went ahead and installed Jellybean myself. What a massi e difference! It is lightning fast now, plus has all the great new features lacking in ICS like Google Now. I’m never waiting for Rogers updates ever again in the future as long as there’s a super stable 3rd party ROM available out there.

  • JV

    People, we have been playing at this for 4 years. You all know the drill, you should all know the pattern. The OS is gonna take forever (if at all) to get to your Non Nexus device. This is not a Surprise, why are you shocked? lol I have My Gs3 and i know it will be a long while b4 i get an update, and the main way for me to get an update usually is by buying a new phone usually the Galaxy S line. Have owned every single one. This is not a surprise. Get over it. Least this update isn’t a huge one. History Often repeats itself, always be cautiously optimistic of change in patterns.

  • Why

    If you have international S3, you pretty much get MONTHLY updates.

    Samsung is GREAT with releasing updates.

    • saone

      realy? I have the s3 intl version and I have no jelly bean. I bought this version to get sfaster updates and have a more globally usable phone.

    • shootpoo

      @saone You`re just an i***t if you can`t figure out how to update your device. Samsung releases LOTS of updates for international GS3. Get with it moron.

  • Why

    It’s a pity that telecoms ruin the experience with withholding updates.

    Samsung isn’t to blame.

    The monkeys at Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc. are to blame.

  • Larry

    I’ve been using JB on my 2 yr old Nexus S for the past 6 months….. just saying.

  • TZM

    This is why I didn’t buy a S3 and got the google Nexus instead earlier this year.

  • Brownstar

    I’m new to Rogers so will give them the benefit of the doubt, IF the delays is to change the update to 4.2…….if the delay drags on I’ll be rooting and installing a custom ROM

    • isdfoa

      that’s stupid, it’s going to be 4.1 not 4.2. maybe they’ll bundle it with the multi-window feature though, instead of doing another ota for it.

  • Cam C

    Dear christ….you’re acting like its the end of the world that you have to wait for your already superpowered phone to get an update that does….what? Anything life changing? Hardly. ICS on my GS 2 LTE works great and allows for a great experience. I wouldn’t be upset if I didnt get JB and its a long shot that I will.

    The phones are super solid as it is. Unless the update fixes some glaring problems, be happy with what you originally purchased. And if it didnt do what you wanted it to do in the first place you shouldn’t have bought it and waited until a device came out that did. Get over it.

    • BDXL

      If you saw how utterly incredible Jellybean runs on a GS2 LTE you wouldnt be saying that. The improvements are substantial and would make you wonder why you never upgraded from ICS to Jellybean sooner. You guys downplay the importance of upgrades because you arent fully informed about how big the preformance gains, battery gains, and new features really are.

  • DrParanoid

    Oh who didn’t see this coming…

  • CarrierUpdatesHilarious

    and all the boys and girls understood, once and for all, that it was their own responsibility to update their own phones.

    They took the few minutes to read a few threads on XDA and then downloaded the latest and greatest ROMs.

    They flashed them, and they couldn’t believe the improvements.

    And they all lived happily ever after.

  • Stuntman

    Can’t people just enjoy the phone what what it is now? I actually am very happy with my SGS3 running ICS and Nova Prime Launcher.

    • Brownstar

      I’m happy with ICS and running Nova but it would be nice to have the latest iteration of Android, especially when other carriers with the same model ‘I747’ have pushed the update out.

  • oldschool

    Bah, horsepuckey! This likely means Telus will be delayed on the update too.

  • Simon

    I think it’s because there’s blackout period at this time of year and the maeketing people forgot about it as usual.

  • TKG26

    I love my telus GS3 but i think if Google keeps releasing nexus phones at the supper great prices they just let the nexus4 go for that this is the last time i get a carrier branded phone.

    I have no idea why they cannot just shitt the updates through right from telus. I dont even know what is on my phone that is carrier specific othere then the first time you open a browswer and it opens to the telus site. I mean they dont even preload the phone wiht the my telus app so i have no idea whay the big 3 have to take so much time updating our phones… I think the Android development guys have proven that even pimply faced 12year olds can create and flash custom roms… Surely Rogers could just let samsung send down the update..

  • Stan

    If they takes so long I guess I won’t see JB on wind until 2013. F*ck Rogers and all other carriers. Good thing there are custom roms.

  • Senk

    Glad I flashed CM10 stable last week. Touchwiz is the worst.

  • Andy

    I’m glad for the delay. This just points to 4.1.2 update with multi window view. Just wait and see.

    I would rather wait a bit to get a better update than get it early and have to wait longer to get the next version.

  • Michael

    My wife has the s3 but she doesn’t know or care what jelly bean would bring to her phone. I’m so glad I have the nexus4 though this sort of stuff would drive me nuts.

  • jimbob

    Any timeframe on Bell?

  • tomatoes

    Google needs to stick to an annual update schedule and keep all the major OEMs in the loop better.

    The good news is that it took at least 11 months for any iPhone to get a major update but the GS3 is about 7 months old and its getting a major update in December. That is good, just ignore 4.2 and chalk it up to Google spamming new deserts every 6 months.

  • Dirk Diggler

    When the f*ck is WIND going to get their act together and release the update?

  • speedbump

    For all that want JB go with costom rom! So much better!
    I Updated my S2 lte to CM10 (very easy) and it feels faster than a stock S3…bonus no rogers or samsung bloat ware that I never used. Boots in 1/3 of the time that it did on rogers ICS.

    I can’t believe that I waited several month to go with a custom rom….they are soo much better!

    • Andy

      I believe you, but I had the Captivate and going back to stock ROM I had serious issues where some device ID was blank, and the gingerbread update was not allowed.

      If XDA can guarantee the stock can be rolled back, I will make the jump, otherwise I will just wait the 1 year after warranty expires.

  • Steve Jobs

    This is why my product is superior to the Galaxy S 3.

  • AllanVS

    HellFire 1.4 …. will be installed around 2pm today.

  • jimbob

    Let’s hope that Bell will add HD VOICE, because the NoteII supports it.