Microsoft rumoured to launch a 7-inch Xbox Surface gaming tablet

Daniel Bader

November 6, 2012 2:25pm

Microsoft is expected to release a 7-inch gaming-focused Xbox Surface tablet in the future, according to The Verge. Back in June, we heard rumours that Microsoft would be releasing something called a Xbox Surface tablet, but that unsubstantiated info took a back seat to the actual Surface tablet announcement later that day.

Since then Microsoft hasn’t commented on the smaller version of its tablet series, focusing instead on the 10.6-inch Surface RT and upcoming Surface Pro devices. But if you cast your mind back to that warm day in June, the Xbox Surface was on tap to sport a 7-inch 1280×720 pixel screen, a custom ARM processor and speedy graphics chip. The Verge posits that the tablet won’t run a full version of Windows 8, but like Windows Phone 8 will have a kernel based on the real thing, just tuned for gaming. You can count on a massive graphics chip and multiplayer functionality, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Kinect brand makes an appearance in the product’s marketing.

Considering the original Surface was one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft maintain a couple surprises of its own before the device is officially announced. When that will be is still up in the air, so stay tuned for more.

Source: The Verge 

  • Aiden

    Give us more news on N4 please.

    • Tech

      Not sure if you failed to comment or are trolling.


      Maybe they’re just a total failure period.







  • Aiden

    Give us more news on Nexus 4

  • Aiden

    Need moar news on N4.

  • holler back girl

    who cares?.

  • Wes

    Hmm… Might work. Get ride of desktop view to limit confusion. Update CPU and GPU. Pure tablet with amazing gaming possibilities!!! Then price it at 200$ That’s the strategy I’d like for them to come up with, but I highly doubt it.

  • wewewi

    Yawn.. a new platform to enjoy Angry Birds..

  • Matt

    Microsoft wouldn’t want to make a profit on the tablet.

    They want to make the money from selling to IP-based TV companies like Telus (PVR, backend servers)

    They want to make money from gaming companies selling through XBox

    They want to make money from selling advertising to or marketing demographics about anyone watching TV with an XBox surface connected

    Give up profit on the day of sale, and rake it in bit by bit on every single day.

    Not a bad strategy, but if it were me I’d stop protecting the Office and Internet Explorer teams and drop the dead weight. Make them available but don’t force-bundle them, don’t block competitors, don’t make them requirements for anything else Microsoft does like their ActiveX OS update page. Make money by having people come to you for what you’re the best at, not because they are trapped and can’t get away — sooner or later they’ll break free and won’t look back, won’t come near if there is any threat of being captured

  • Matt

    Which of the following would you rather buy:
    (a) XBox Surface with Internet Explorer
    (b) XBox Surface with Safari
    (c) XBox Surface with Chrome
    (d) XBox Surface with BB10 Browser
    (e) XBox Surface with Firefox
    (f) XBox Surface with Dolphin browser
    (g) XBox Surface with Opera

    I don’t know anyone who is aware that there is more than one type of browser that would place IE in their top 5. Putting it on the platform is equivalent to saying you can’t browse the internet with it just because of the purely emotional “icky” feeling

    Durian fruit tastes good, but most people stay away even if they know it tastes good because the rotting meat smell can’t be avoided. IE is like rotting meat smell

  • jeff

    Here’s a thought. Maybe this thing will be the xbox 720 itself! hear me out. Imagine this this has all your next gen games, connects to your tv via HDMI, connects controllers using bluetooth and when you wanna take the game your playing on the go, you just take the unit with you. basiclly like the wii u but an all in one sorta deal. through in a basic browser, email, facebook, etc, and you got yourself a tablet any game would kill for.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    microsoft is throwning everything at the wall in hopes that something sticks

  • Stan

    To all you loosers making stupid, uninformed comments. You clearly haven’t tried SmartGlass. This will become a second screen for gaming/music/videos. Very cool indeed.

  • gwydionjhr

    This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for in an RT device. 7-8″ size, I don’t need Office on it. Just let me browse the web, check emails, and watch movies. If it comes with an IR light so it can also be a Universal Remote control, I think I may just wet my pants.

  • Alex

    Smart Glass is garbage, is not an answer to Wii U, since tablets do not directly connect to the XBOX machine, rather goes through the internet, which means there is no way it can do Wii U stuff like live streaming games with 0 lag.

    I really doubt smart glass will be popular, will be another pet project that gets forgotten.

  • TK

    massive graphic chip… let’s hope they have a large enough battery to last through all the crazy graphic games… and hopefully we just don’t play angry birds those simple games on this gaming tablet only…. cause why do we need another tablet in the market just to let us play more angry birds or fruit ninja..?

  • DrBadass

    This is gonna be interesting!!

  • Decoi

    This the potential start of something big.

    I’ve always hoped for the lines of PC gaming and Console gaming to be blurred. With the push to Digital releases for games, I can imagine purchasing a game which allows you access to the PC, XBOX360 and possible tablet app.

    Look how Blu-ray products still package the DVD and Digital copy without a choice.

  • phreezerburn

    Why play Skyrim on a tablet when you can play Angry Birds instead? Really? Then why all those remote desktop articles on watching/playing Diablo 3 on an iPad?

  • Grim22

    WII U…..too funny. Any games for those over 18?