RIM giving Canadians $40 worth of free apps until December 31st


  • therealeddie_c

    What happened? Did the servers go down again?



    • Tech

      No, they are showing loyalty to their customers.
      Motorola did something like that too when they were delaying ICS update.


      they are showing loyalty to their customers


    • Joker!

      RIM is celebrating their Anniversary:
      “40 years late – 40 apps today”
      They are putting the BB store in special!:
      All the apps are Free!
      While quantities last (Customers, not apps)
      I’m over here!.. I’m over here!.. I’m over heeeeeeere!

      It’s the BB challenge, try to play Angry Birds for more than 10 minutes with your keyboard and the button in the middle without pulling your hair and get a free subscription to the BB music store!

      Man! I really missed you RIM, you always make me feel battered, I mean better!

    • Nexus 4

      BB10 DOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!!!!!

    • Joker!

      Stop being so harsh on Blackberry!
      The free apps come with a 9320 or a Playbook, your choice.

      The condition is to use them in front of your friends and have to change ALL your signatures to:
      “Sent from my Blackberry device”

      -Expensive apps if you ask me!

  • Donot

    Wohhooo! I guess ill be able to buy ALL the apps on the store…

  • danada

    Finally, a REAL reason to pick up a Blackberry.

    I’ve never been so disappointed with a Canadian tech company.

  • rafi0007

    Sadly most of the apps you want aren’t in their app store. You can never get enough people to migrate as long as your app store is limited. Apps are the very point of using smartphones. And for that very reason I am not leaving android until BB and WP have similar app stores in terms of content.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    these are the best paid apps RIM has to offer? i can see why they’re in trouble…

  • Marion

    give me some awesome playbook apps!!

  • Black Berry Playbook

    Is this only for the BB handset or BB Playbook also ?

    I believe the PB OS is 2.1 ( the latest one ) ..maybe they should have some free apps for that also 🙂 ..maybe more people will pick it up..its not bad at all 🙂

  • Mast3rbug

    This company is already dead…

  • Kid.Canada

    Nothing for your playbook users? Fail…

  • Plan Shopper

    Yup, time to load up my 9320 with apps to fill the remaining 200 kb of memory from that huge bank of 512kb.

    I think I’ll be just fine with “only 16gb?!” of memory on my Nexus 4.

    • Kris

      This guy has to be trolling, nobody with an interest in the mobile space is this ignorant right?

      He’s seriously comparing the ROM of an entry level device (BTW, it’s 512 MB, not KB) with an expandable SD card slot designed to compete on price against the internal storage of a brand new Android flagship?

      Don’t let logic get in the way of an idiotic post I guess.

    • Plan Shopper

      Kris is right. My bad. MB instead of KB.

      As for the rest of your post….well, not even worth commenting on.

    • Kris

      You’re absolutely right Plan Shopper.

      If I had compared an entry level phone that can be purchased for $128 off contract with the newest and greatest Google has to offer in their Nexus line and someone called me out on it, I wouldn’t know how to objectively and logically explain my way out of it too.

      It’s cool, I feel for ya.

    • Plan Shopper

      You’re funny Kris.

      I actually never compared the two. I simply stated two facts: the first being that I was going to fill the remainder of my 9320 with free BB apps. The second was that I think I’ll be ok with the 16GB Nexus 4.

      You’re reading into something that wasn’t said. But that’s ok. You’re entitled to think whatever you like. LOL

  • Nirujan

    No playbook? wow who even uses apps on a blackberry anyways. It’s all about bbm, email, social network.

  • CBR

    @Kid.Canada all 7 playbook owners?

  • Matt

    What is that, like worth 1 Apple iPhone5 cable?

  • Freddie

    Thanks RIM. You are a great company. I always enjoyed Tin Tin as a child. I like you a lot. Thank you for giving me the adventures of Tin Tin for free. I am going to cancel my plans to a Nexus 4 for $309 with a 4.8″ screen, quad-core CPU, android 4.2, 2,048MB ram and instead get a Bee-Bee ninety-nine hundred for $699 with blazing fast single-core CPU, 256MB ram, and the Adventures of TIN TIN.

    Thank you. I am also going to buy $200 calls because you area great company.

  • Darren

    Us poor beleaguered Playbook users should have the same offer, but I’d still have a hard time finding $40 worth of apps that I’d want.

  • aviking

    Those are some nice apps……. if it was 2009.

  • pacalis

    The only way that this is a win is if RIM was giving away Android apps.

  • Freddie

    Where’s Wally Now, MOTHERFUKKERS?!


    Sent from my BB 9900 running BBOS Alpha Dev B with Gold Case and Diamond Screen Protector

    • Joker!

      Porsche, Swarovski, or PINK, edition??

  • Kris

    It’s pretty sad when you have a bunch on whiners complaining about FREE stuff.

    Oh well, such is life.

  • kad

    videotron hasn’t upgraded my bold9900 to 7.1 yet !

    f*kin lazy as*es if U ask me 🙂

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    where is the pager app? I want to send a page to someone, and have them respond to me by payphone

  • IJustDontUnderstand

    RIM is desperate.

    • Joker!

      RIM is “closed for the Season” “Gone fishing” “Out for Lunch” and some more.

      I think I know one or two people that still have BBs and when they change they are getting iphones or Androids.

      B9900 at $500?? LOL!

  • Jon

    Install more apps means more reboots and more laggy phone. No thanks.

  • Mike

    now matter how hard you polish a turd, it will still be a turd…

  • 9860BB

    I have a Rogers BB 9860, Rogers never released OS 7.1 for it and I can’t download any of these free apps because of that.


  • Porilaisten


  • Freddie

    Actually, yes, it a flagship android is $309 with a 4.8″ screen, quad core CPU, 2,048 MB ram, 700,000 apps and your device has a 1.2″ screen, 256 MB ram, single core CPU, 5,000 apps, you should be Pricing it at $9.95, not $699 you dumb a*s.

  • saku49

    too bad that on some of those apps it says “free until dec. 31…”

    … so you get it free for 7 weeks and that’s it. some of the others don’t say that at all so i’m assuming they’re outright free.

    i have an s2 lte but use a bold 9900 as my backup. wanted to put some of these on my phone and two of them were only free till the end of december. the photo one is pretty good i must say. that appears to be free for good. that is to say it wasn’t mentioned when it was free until in the description like the others did.

  • Matt

    As a Canadian, I was really hoping to see RIM come back. However, when I see the incredible innovation and progress that Google is making with Android, I think this may be the end of RIM.

  • Peacenik

    Great gesture but I am already out of memory on my Blackberry with the couple of apps I now have installed.