Rumours of a 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet emerge prior to Microsoft announcement


  • idontlikespammers

    A 10k RPM drive in a tablet? I call bullshit.

    • Will it Run it?

      Will this run BB10?

      Tell me!

    • GrapeApe

      I call… YOU CAN’T F’in READ !!

      That spec is part of the Stationary device.

      Jebus! Read.. pause.. then read again… then pause again before deciding to post. OIE !!

  • Sean

    This lists a Tablet and a “Secondary computing unit” so they are not all in one device

  • tehPr0fess0r

    its 2 separate devices genius…. read the post, dont just look at the pretty pictures.

    “In addition the leaked spec sheet details a “stationary computing device,” potentially the next Xbox, with insane specs.”

    • GrapeApe

      I wouldn’t say they are ‘insane’ specs.
      It’s essentially 2 x the current Power PC chips in the existing Xbox, and then likely an HD6500/6700 level GPU inside.
      When the X360 was leaked its GPU was well beyond the existing X800 and GF7800 GPU, and even the subsequent X1800/1900 GPUs, and had support for parts/feats beyond D3D10 as well as well past existing DX9.0C, and the unified shader core and EDRAM (wish it was twice the size for free 2XAA @ 1080 instead of 720), now THAT was way ahead of everything else out there.
      Whereas the one in this upcoming device would be D3D 11 according to spec, not something more exotic.
      Also surprised it’s not a 128MB SSD considering how cheap they are now ($85 @ Memory Express for an OCZ Agility 3 last week)

  • idontlikespammers

    Fine. A 10k RPM drive in a consumer device? I call bullshit.

  • jansen


  • Billy Bob

    Microsoft died when Windows Vista was released.

    • metoo

      Microsoft dies when WindowsME was released.

  • superfly

    Apple died when 4s released.

  • jeorge


  • metoo

    Sounds like WiiU beefed up. Will probably be just as big a ‘success’.

  • Lee

    The article says it has 288 megs of ram however in the specs it shows 5 gigs…which goes along with the 6 core beast of a proccessor nicely. A bohemeth of a tablet if this is indeed an individual unit of some sort.

    • metoo

      @Lee two separate devices.

  • WC

    a SCSI drive instead of an SSD? Really? Why?

  • 3doubled

    This is so fake. There is no way there will be a 10k SCSI hdd in an xbox, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard this week. It would make way more sense for them to add a 1 TB 2.5″ hdd so they can sell games using an online distribution model (and finally eliminate the used game market… for better or worse). Maybe a 1 TB hybrid hdd with some flash storage to improve game load times even more… that would be pretty cool.

    Also, 288 MB in a tablet is equally ridiculous. RAM is too cheap to castrate a mid/late 2012 device like that.

    Also, 22.2 surround sound? 1440p? I haven’t heard that resolution in over 5 years. The next jump in consumer video resolution will be 4k, which is more like 2000p.

    So so so fake.

  • Monroe

    So the Wii U has a controller and tablet together in one unit so now Micro$oft decides it will do something similar??

  • John

    1440P video… yes please.