Facebook for iOS update adds batch uploads, filters and basic photo editing

Daniel Bader

November 6, 2012 10:22am

Facebook for iOS got a nice bump yesterday when it was updated to version to 5.1. Unlike its Android counterpart, which seems to be trapped in development purgatory, the iOS version of Facebook is being regularly updated with new features and improved performance.

The latest additions include multiple photo uploading and filters, features taken from the standalone Facebook Camera app that was released earlier this year. Now that Facebook for iOS is built in native code, the two teams behind each project must have decided to consolidate their wares into one program. The batch upl0ads allow you pick a specific album, or create a new one, and each photo can be customized with a number of filters a la Instagram.

Facebook Messenger has also been consolidated into the app. Now there are two directions in which you can swipe: right to reveal the contextual menu, and left for a list of online Facebook friends.

The company has also adding Gifts, but it’s a U.S.-only feature at the moment, so we can’t speak to its usefulness.

Download Facebook for iOS.

Via: Techcrunch

  • iphoneee

    did they update use for apple maps???

  • Alex

    @iphonee: they’re working on it, compared to your update to JB.

  • John

    Facebook blows.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    wow, another photo filter app— just what we’ve been craving! /sarcasm

  • Mike

    What about android Facebook app? Their mobile site changed today ex where you can now share posts.. Hmm maybe the Android is just around the corner?

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