Rogers confirms that 2600Mhz LTE is available “in all markets where we offer LTE AWS 2100”

Daniel Bader

October 31, 2012 11:05am

When the LG Optimus G launches on Rogers, Bell and TELUS, customers will be greeted with identical-looking phones on each carrier. But Rogers is differentiating itself by offering a version of the Optimus G that takes advantage of its 2600Mhz LTE network. Such spectrum is little used across Canada, and is facilitated by Rogers and Bell in a partnership called Inukshuk Wireless – which was initially created to allow the two companies to provide high-speed fixed wireless internet to rural areas across Canada.

More recently, however, the companies have been using the spectrum in larger cities such as Toronto and Vancouver to push higher-speed LTE networks. But many customers, especially those who are planning on running out and buying an Optimus G on November 13th, are rightfully curious to know whether they’ll receive LTE on 2600Mhz in all the areas they would on the equivalent AWS device. Rogers sent us a statement assuring everyone that wherever there is an LTE signal on an AWS phone, 2600Mhz devices will also be covered. The benefits of 2600Mhz are higher speeds in higher capacity areas (100Mbps on the Optimus G; the network itself has a theoretical maximum speed of 150Mbps).

“The Rogers LTE 2600 MHz bandwidth is in all markets where we offer LTE AWS 2100. In most markets where 2x20MHz (2600MHz) is available, the LG Optimus G is capable of theoretical max speeds of up to 100Mbps. In smaller LTE markets that have 2x10MHz (2600MHz), the LG Optimus G can reach theoretical max speeds of up to 75Mbps.”

The 100Mbps limitation is with the phone, not the network.

So there you have it: Optimus G owners are covered for LTE, even on Rogers’ 2600Mhz network.

  • Adam

    better than Bell who has a separate coverage area for 2600mhz.

    • N4

      1-They should stop citing “Theoretical Speeds”!
      HSPA+ Theoretical max is 21, and hardly get 12-13 (50%
      I do not know LTE “Theo-Max” but I get 20-24Mbps MAX! on Rogers.
      My friend has a Koodo Samsung S2X (DualCell HSPA+ max 42Mbps) and gets 19-22Mbps on BELL, almost the same as LTE.

      So if this new LTS Max is 150Mbps I think is safe to expect 30-50Mbps.

    • N4

      In the US operators can’t cite the max laboratory ideal speeds anymore.
      They have to use street, replicable speeds ( close to the antenna but still closer to reality!)
      Wish we could do this!

      The Optimus G is still is a battery hog compared to the N4 and still $300 more just for LTE radio, no thanks! N4 for me.

  • gwydionjhr

    Are there any other LTE phones on the horizon that can take advantage of this spectrum?

  • John Lay

    The whole LTE spectrum is getting very messy. We will have 2600/2100/1700/700 MHz which “some/all/none” of them are compatible with the rest of the world. Kind of wasting frequencies channels and capital investment which in turns causing customers to pay more

  • Kid.Canada

    Fvck your LTE Rogers of you ain’t gon’ raise this stupid cap. You’re so greedy that you’re gonna cap us on bandwidth which costs you guys nothing. Greedy Big 3 bastards…

  • iJellyBerryOS8

    With all this LTE coverage, you’d think Rogers didn’t need to bid on the 700MHz auction…

    • Nothin But RIM

      You would think.. however the interest in the spectrum isn’t about quantity it’s about capacity. 700mhz has more capacity then the higher ranges and thus has a stronger signal. The range allows for deeper penetration so doing things like continuing a call in an elevator, warehouse or even the subway are easier to accomplish.

  • Adam

    Hopefully this speeds of the development of quad-band LTE chips.

    Europe mostly uses different bands than North America. A phone that can roam on LTE anywhere would be great.

    Penta-band HSPA/Quad-band GSM/LTE woud be the ultimate phone. I dont’ mind a thicker battery if it means truly global roaming.

  • c0bra

    Damn that looks a lot like a large iPhone. I’m surprised LG is getting sued up the wazoo by Apple.

    • c0bra

      Sorry, I meant I am surprised they are NOT getting sued by Apple.

  • Dopey Mobi Chicka

    Oh boy, agree with above, AWS spectrum getting confusing for the non-initiated!

  • Adam

    Still think Rogers needs to buy Mobi and convert their sites into LTE. Bell has Telus as a partner to lighten the cost of rolling out 3 different LTE networks. Rogers has to do it all on their own.

    • Dopey Mobi Chicka

      I love your comment “Rogers has to do it all on their own.”–Adam.

      Not insulting, just laughing with you. To think Rogers is sitting at a corner sulking like a toddler is a funny thought.

      Mobilicity will very likely be bought out by one of the Bigger 3 ANYways, just because Rogers can.

      Mobilicity investors WOULD LOVE to be purchased be one of the Big 3. Mobilicity customers on the other hand…well, you know what they want!

  • crimsona

    LTE fragmentation is far worse than gsm ever was

  • leobg

    2600MHz has even worse penetration than AWS. Couple of walls inside a building and you get no signal.. Lower the frequency is, better the penetration is. This is why everyone wants the 700MHz ‘beach-front’.

    • roman

      You’ll be lucky to get signal inside of a cardboard box.

  • Kezghan

    This is good news though if you like to use International phones as a lot of them have support for 2600.

  • Leapfrog

    A few corrections…

    Theoretical HSPA+ is 42Mbps (Dual Carrier), not 21.
    Inukshuk spectrum was initially bought by Microcell (Fido) during a federal spectrum auction, not “bestowed upon” Rogers and Bell.

    My 2 cents worth…

    • Daniel Bader

      Corrected the Inukshuk portion, thanks.
      As for Dual Carrier HSPA+, that isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article. Not sure what you’re referring to.

  • STY

    Funny, when Wind and Mobi have AWS, Rogers wants to say it’s horrible. But when Roger’s uses AWS, now it becomes top notch.

  • Ced

    Difference between AWS with HSPA and AWS on LTE …

    You get very good LTE speed … with a very bad signal … not the same things with HSPA !

  • Bob

    I have an Opimis G 2600 that Rogers CLAIMS will work everywhere that their other LTE phones work, but I only get 4G in my houe where my son’s GS3 gets LTE all the time…both on Rogers.
    They even sent me a new phone…same thing.
    Same problems in Kitchener too….no indoor coverage where other LTE’s work fine.
    I think they still have some work to do !!

  • Berr

    “A true Global LTE phone would need more then just “Penta” band…”

    You should check the Motorola RAZR HD LTE XT925. It is not a pentaband in term of HSPA+. But it is in LTE 700 / 800 / 1700 / 2100 / 2600