Sony Xperia U upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich now available


  • Arthur

    Sony must step up and come up with some great products and most importantly updates for all the products in timely manner. Samsung is a great example. They have stepped up with their game and now they are a market leader in many products like cellphones and television. I have faith in Sony.

  • N4

    Welcome to 2011!!

    OK, so manufacturers “save” the latest version of android for their most expensive phones, then about one yr later they release the upgrades after customers have upgrades (hopefully withing the same brand) This model WOULD work if we didn’t have Samsung (fast updates) or NEXUS phones(Fastest updates)

    Just another reason to not buy anything that is not Nexus 4.
    No LTE and no SD card but fastest upgrades over the air, higher reselling value and NO Unlocking fees for $360.

  • phreezerburn

    The Pamela Anderson of mobile devices learns a new word… oh joy. Its almost as if they don’t want to succeed in the marketplace. Better aesthetics than Apple yet absolutely none of the drive. The Japanese tech industry needs to be put on suicide watch.

  • justsayin

    Gotta love Android lol

    • justsayin

      Should say , gotta love Sony .

  • llfromto

    It is almost sad to hear that phones are just being upgraded to ICS (which will be 2 version behind the latest OS by November 13). I understand that there needs to be a QA process in place to manage the code integration but this should be laid out so that users would not feel like they are being cheated.

  • jack

    no ota? weak s*** sony

  • Mike

    Yawn, waiting to get JB 4.2 on my GNex in a week or two… This is why you ONLY get Nexus phones, you deserve the fragmentation otherwise…

  • J

    The update has been out for almost a week now but haven’t been able to update due to sony servers being “overloaded”. Anyone else having a similar problem?

  • wewewi

    I cant beleive this was released with Gingerbread in the first place.

  • vichea

    why my sony xperia u cannot update?what can i do?

  • sukhvirsingh

    I want my phone updates in new version 4.0 thanks of to u…?